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We Believe in the Power of Prayer

At LifePark, we believe prayer is one the best ways to know God. If you want to know someone better, you spend time with that person. Prayer is spending time in two-way conversation with your Heavenly Father. LifePark wants every person to grow in relationship with God through prayer.

Prayer is both asking Him to meet our needs while listening to His voice guiding, correcting and loving us. The more we know Him and listen for His voice, the more we will worship and walk in obedience with Jesus Christ our King.

This is the abundant life.

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Come Pray With Us

Knowing how to get started in prayer can seem hard. We all have questions:

  • Does God answer every prayer?
  • How can I keep from being distracted?
  • Isn’t prayer for the super spiritual?

We get it. Prayer can be overwhelming. But the best way to learn is to simply begin. Choose one of these and begin to pray with us. If you have a prayer request that you'd like to share with our prayer team and church family, view the prayer wall by clicking below.

View Prayer Wall

View Prayer Wall

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