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A Praying Life

Paul Miller
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Timothy Keller
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With Christ In The School Of Prayer

Paul Miller
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Take Words With You

Tim Kerr
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Praying The Bible

Donald S. Whitney
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Revival Starts Here: A Short Conversation on Fasting For Beginners Like Me

Dave Clayton
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Video Resources

Unleashing The Power Of Prayer In Your Life

The Church at LifePark // Senior Pastor Chad Moore

Basis of Prayer: Our Father

Redeemer City Church // Tim Keller

What is the purpose of fasting?

Dr. Donald Whitney

Pray the Bible with Don Whitney

Praying the Bible

Day 1

Praying the Bible

Day 2

Praying the Bible

Day 3

Praying the Bible

Day 4

Praying the Bible

Day 5

Prayer Tools

Prayer Cards 101 Podcast

A prayer card is a tool that is helpful for keeping track of what you’re asking the Lord to do.
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PrayerMate App

PrayerMate helps you pray consistently for the people and causes you care about. Develop a discipline of prayer as PrayerMate helps you organize your prayer life, know what to pray for, and actually pray.
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A Praying Life Prayer Cards

This easy-to-use app helps you create personal prayer cards to help you pray more regularly and track how God is at work in your life. Inspired by the life-changing A Praying Life book and seminars, which have helped thousands of people to maintain a daily relationship with their Father through prayer, this practical tool helps you stay constantly plugged in to God’s activity around you.
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Fasting and Prayer

Fasting is the voluntary restriction of normal activities for the purpose of growing closer to God. Learn more about how to fast and pray.
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Praying the Promises of God

Find more resources and use this step-by-step guide of how you can pray the promises of God.
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Israel-Gaza Prayer Guide

Pray for this conflict using this prayer guide.
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Come Pray With Us

Knowing how to get started in prayer can seem hard. We all have questions:

  • Does God answer every prayer?
  • How can I keep from being distracted?
  • Isn’t prayer for the super spiritual?

We get it. Prayer can be overwhelming. But the best way to learn is to simply begin. Choose one of these and begin to pray with us. If you have a prayer request that you'd like to share with our prayer team and church family, view the prayer wall by clicking below.

View Prayer Wall

View Prayer Wall

Attend a Prayer Service

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Individual Prayer Session

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Praying Groups

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Prayer Team Volunteer Application Form

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