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What is Baptism?

Baptism is a public testimony of what Christ has done in your life as a Christ-follower. It is a symbolic picture of death, burial and resurrection, and new life as well as your commitment to Christ and to His church. When you are baptized, you are obeying Christ’s command in the Bible for all believers, and you are telling the world that Jesus Christ is the Lord of your life. No matter what your age or background, baptism is a natural and important step in your journey as a Christ-follower.

At The Church at LifePark, we believe that biblical baptism is symbolic— it doesn’t “save” you— but also that it’s very important in the life of every believer. We require that those desiring membership at The Church at LifePark be baptized— either previously at the time of your commitment to Christ, or when you desire membership at LifePark.

Our next in-building baptism is July 14 and our beach baptism will be October 6. Registration for baptism will open the month prior.

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Next Steps

Whether you are interested in learning more about the Christian faith or if you’ve been following Jesus for years, we’d love to help you take your next steps in personal study of God’s Word and in connecting with the church and community of faith.

Which next step do you need to take?