Praying Groups

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We Are A Church That Prays Together

One of the main ways we can know Christ is through prayer. Prayer is essential because it is how we listen and speak to our Heavenly Father. Most agree prayer is important but many of us find it challenging. Praying Groups meet weekly to help each other learn to pray. We also discover the joy of praying together and watching God move in each other’s lives.

Join a Praying Group

Why Should I Join a Praying Group?

Prayer does not come easy to most Christ-followers. Many of us pray poorly and haphazardly, yet we long to connect with our Heavenly Father. If you struggle with keeping a consistent prayer life, we invite you to learn to do life through prayer by attending a weekly praying group.

What Happens In a Praying Group?

We learn about prayer through a book study (A Praying Life by Paul Miller), open discussions, and tracking prayer stories in our personal lives. We pray through five key areas and together begin to watch what God does. Seeing God at work in the lives of others encourages you to keep asking—even when you don’t yet see movement in your own prayer story.

What If I Don't Know How to Pray?

No problem! There is no such thing as being bad at prayer. The only way to be bad at prayer is to not pray. These groups are for those who pray inconsistently and want to grow in prayer. We are simply small groups of normal people who are struggling in prayer… together.