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Prayer requests are listed in order of most recent (top) to oldest (bottom)

Please pray for my boss Frank who is spiritually confused. He says that he is a Christian and believes in Jesus but he mixes his beliefs with magic and crystals and witchcraft.

Pray for Jeanine and Robert – treated at Mayo Clinic for R’s neurological disease. Our oldest son – 18 yo – ran away over the weekend.

Friend Hilary (male) passed away over the weekend. Pray for his wife and children. Also for his business partner and friend grieving and needs wisdom re: overseeing their dental practice.

For God’s will to be clear on building a new sanctuary at LifePark.

I am very ill. Please pray for miraculous healing. Thank you.

Please pray for Donna who has been battling cancer but now has leukemia and for Bryan and Brittany as they help care for her.

Please pray for Parker a 4 yr old with 2nd round of cancer. Waiting on recent surgery biopsy results & plan of treatment. Continue prayers please.

My son Carson’s leg (15 yo) hasn’t properly healed following surgery. Pray for healing of his leg and for God to use this on his journey with Christ.

Asking for good, Godly neighbors as the old ones have moved.

For strength for our pastor as he gives his whole heart and life to ministry.

For comfort and strength for the Baker family in the loss of Brett.

For my Noah to do well in his studies in his Junior year in preparation for college.

Please pray husband Felix salvation marriage deliverance from alcohol LORD restore my marriage remove his stone heart need a miracle thank you

Please pray for my dear friend Joy and her family. Joy just lost her job and her and her husband have two children, one who has a severe case of ADHD. Please pray for their marriage as well.

Pray for Holy City Missions (Gospel-centered homeless ministry) on 9/17. For hearts to be generous to give in hopes of securing property & a facility. Caldwel’ls are hosting fundraiser at their home.

Son, Josh, moving to Denver next week.  For all logistics, finding a new place, job acclimation to go well.  That he would experience low stress during the process.

Praise first! I had a CT scan. It showed no foreign object in my throat. Prayer request: I still have a raw throat with some coughing since August 18th. I pray for complete healing of my throat.

Please pray that all my dental work would go smooth and be pain free.  Thanks

Pray for my niece Debbie who lost her daughter to complications of diabetes. Please pray that God would give her comfort and take away her anxiety during this time of grief and sorrow.

My sister Sandra is going to chemo treatments and blood transfusions as she battles leukemia. Please pray for God’s healing mercy for her and to give strength to her daughter who is caring for her.

Pray for marriages in our Lifepark family; especially the marriages of a couple men in my Men’s Lifegroup. Pray God would restore their marriages; remove their selfishness and self-centeredness.

Praise for the continued stable scans and health of Lucas Doll. He just had a scan on Tuesday and his brain tumor remains stable.

My son to stay firm in his faith as he is away at collage. To be a witness to those around him…a leader not a follower. Safety as he isn7 hours away from his family.

My 21 yr old to finish high school and know Jesus as her savior.
Praise she is no longer in an abusive relationship.

Please pray for Brycen to get his last letter of recommendation and to be accepted into USC Law. Pray for his heart to soften and open to God’s plan for his life, for him to seek Jesus.

Please pray for Carter to see God’s path for his life and for God to open doors to lead him to wherever God wants him to be for whatever purpose & plan God has for his future.

Please pray for Morgan to always stand firm in the faith, to be bold in proclaiming Jesus and to shine His light everywhere she goes. Pray for our kids not to listen to the lies of the enemy & world.

Pray for a fruitful year with Good News Clubs at Pinkney Elementary and Carolina Park Elementary; starting in a couple weeks. Praise God for new volunteers for the Bible Clubs!!!

Please pray for our middle school fall trip (Xtreme Weekend) on Sept. 22-24. Pray that students would get connected in Christian community, salvation, and life change.

Please pray for my friend Eva. She has be diagnosed with breast cancer and is having surgery on Sept 22nd.
Right now it is a stage 1 with a good prognosis.

Please pray for Morgan’s friend Noah. His heart needs to soften and open to hearing the gospel and being saved.

Please pray for Meredith’s SC Regional Orchestra audition coming up in September. It is very difficult and she is nervous about being accepted.

Hello Saints- thank- you for praying for my 16 year old son, Hampton, to be healed and set free of all life threatening food allergies to dairy, eggs, wheat & peanuts.

Please pray for a family friend named Lee. She was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer. She is a Christian and has the hope of eternal life, but would you pray for her and her family?

Please pray that our daughter’s mouth would “immediately be opened, tongue set free, and begin praising God” (Luke 1:64).

That our family would  heal from our broken hearts over the loss of a baby and for His leading and wisdom as we go through follow up visits about hopefully another child. Visit on Oct 24, 9am.

Praying for my group this upcoming season. That God would meet us in our time. He would draw us near to Him and He would reveal Himself through prayer.

Praying for the NextGen Ministries. The Leaders would make kingdom relationships with the students. The Students would be open to having more conversations about who God says they are.

Praying for Childcare Workers to come to LifePark for our LifeGroups and Mops Ministries. We need more support to allow for more people to come to groups / Mops.

Praying for people to have a heart after God. A desire to serve with children. Give of themselves on a Sunday morning for 1 hour 2x/month (at least). Especially at 11:30 service.

Please pray for my friend’s daughter Sara A., missing for 3 years (since she turned 18), groomed by an offender who sold his home after luring her away; possibly now traveling in a camper.

My daughter, Halie, is in her last month of pregnancy. Her sweet baby girl, Palmer, is due on October 2. Please pray for the delivery to go well and for Palmer to be healthy. Keep Halie healthy too.

Please pray for UUPG’s (unengaged unreached people groups) in India, particularly Namdeo Marantha, Gangawar, Karaam, Parthiganj and Sunni Dhobi. Pray for believers trained in Idukki and Marayoor.

Pray for Nate as he shares the gospel with his girlfriend.  Give him patience as he waits for God to soften her heart.

Pray for our household as we face mold & water damage to our home. For favor w/ companies, home insurance, affordability & health. W/ 2young kids, this is financially more than we can bear on our own.

My son Michael is having open heart surgery on September 12 at MUSC Shawn Jenkins Hospital. Please pray for wisdom and skill for the medical team and for protection, peace, and healing for Michael.

Please pray for our nephew Liam born at 25 weeks weighing 1 lb. in June; now sick with 3 types of bacteria & pneumonia, & having an eye procedure to try to prevent blindness.

I’m a mom of 2 small kids, weeks into a virus, now experiencing pain & elevated weakness in joints & muscles, making each day difficult. Please pray for healing & help/discernment w/ medical providers.

Asking for Guidance and Peace from the Holy Spirit in this time of spiritual unrest and reaching out for His abounding Grace.

Please pray for meaningful gospel conversations on the Pittsburgh mission trip this weekend.

Please pray husband Felix, salvation, marriage, deliverance from alcohol.   LORD restore my marriage; need a miracle. Thank you.

I’m a mom of 2 small kids, weeks into a virus, now experiencing pain & elevated weakness in joints & muscles, making each day difficult. Please pray for healing & help/discernment w/ medical providers.

Please pray for my mom Patricia’s salvation and deliverance from all wicked influences.

For Carol S. to have her stage 3 breast cancer miraculously healed and for the chemo to not take a toll on her body. And for this trial to bring the whole family closer to Jesus.

Please pray for Emily’s heart to be softened to the Gospel. She has been presented with it but continues to have a hardened heart. She says she “feels like an outcast” in church.

Prayer for Chris. He’s been hospitalized since May from chronic illness. He may lose his job and he’s got a vacant apartment room he has to sublet. More than anything he needs faith in Jesus.

Praise God the Nodule was not seen on the Cat scan!

Please pray that God would orchestrate the sale of my boat which has been my residence for the past six years and help me transition back to dry land.

Pray for my sister, Linda. She has had a heart attack in the past and is experiencing problems with her heart rate.

Please pray for Lifepark’s planning teams. We are prayerfully considering a new sanctuary, planting churches, and planting campuses. God may have other plans. Pray for the Lord’s will.

Please pray for my mom Lorraine’s salvation and pray for her healing. She lost her hearing, has memory loss, bad posture, body pain, and high blood pressure. Pray for excellent health.

The lord stopped bleeding from a boil I had.  I was getting worried.  I had to go to the emergency room because my primary doctor did not do it right.  Praise God!

Deliverance from 2 of my neighbors, one of them hated me from HS. They are in eviction court for non payment of rent.  They were going into my apartment stealing for years. Remove them from the building.

For Melissa’s family to find comfort and hope in Jesus Christ as they grieve her recent loss of life after a cancer battle.

Pray to heal Viola Cleo B. pain and suffering, needs help talking to herself after suffering a brain aneurysm, heal emotional trauma and depression, split personality disorder and sleep disorder.

Please pray to get sponsorship change approval msg to get from Quatar immigration in one day.

For Deepa and S: purity in their relationship, for God to direct them in His love into marriage if it’s His will. For healing in family conflicts. For D’s mom: healing for physical and mental illness.

Pray for everyone’s safety during this storm and for all those who are in danger.

Please pray for healing in my body and guidance to the doctors and tests to be excellent.  Thanks

Daughter, Lindsay (33), has been diagnosed with an irregularity in her heart. Visiting a cardiologist next week. Praying God heals this irregularity and the doctors will see God’s miraculous work!!

Pray for my daughter who is traveling to Ireland for a study abroad program. For her to have peace and to trust in the Lord.

Praise God for Baby Daisy’s successful surgery! Pray for healing and functionality in her vocal cords that position her to breathe & swallow on her own & increased mobility & bladder function.

We PRAISE GOD for the SC Supreme Court Ruling on the Heartbeat Law! All Glory and Praise to GOD. We continue to pray for all the volunteers that HE will send us to meet the needs of our clients!

For Patty healing from a fall – for total recovery with her dental issues and neck pain. Pray for no lasting damage whatsoever from this traumatic incident, in Jesus’ name.

For my cousin who passed away. Her surviving family is grieving: daughter, son and grandkids. Please pray for their salvation and comfort through the power of Jesus.

Pray for our homeschooling families as school year begins. It can be overwhelming at times to be a parent and primary educator. We need the Lord’s help and intercession of the saints. Thank you!

Please pray for the visa bulletin to become current with the USCIS so my fiance can have his visa interview date really soon with no delays, this is important. I really appreciate your prayers.

My mom was recently diagnosed with severe degenerative scoliosis. Please pray for healing, for God’s wisdom for her doctors and for her. She is the only grandmother to my girls.
thank you!

We have several members in our LifeGroup that are looking for jobs. These are single folks with single incomes. Please pray for God’s timely provision and guidance as they look.  Thank you

Please pray for all our educators in this new school year and for those who are Christian to have opportunities to share their faith.

My husband, Brett, has been in the hospital now for 8 days. He has liver disease which has caused multiple infections, and kidney issues. He is being evaluated for a liver transplant.

Update:  Brett still in hospital, hoping to come home this week.  Nothing can be done about transplant until they clear up the infection in his blood.  Thank you for so much prayer!

Update:  Brett was discharged but was readmitted with 72 hours to MUSC.  His liver and kidneys are failing and he is still fighting infection.  Continue praying!

Update:  Brett passed away on September 12.  Please keep this family in your prayers.

Our 11yr old son Monty is in hospital at MUSC for past 3 days. He had septic shock from infection from UTI. Payer needed for procedure on his urethra, no long term complications. Healing, Wisdom.

Please pray for my sister Kathy in Orlando. She has Aplastic Anemia. She just got out of the hospital following a big treatment. She is very weak. Discouraged. And having a lot of difficulty.

For wisdom, energy & supernatural strength for the homeschooling parents in our community. For students who are eager to learn. For the joy of the Lord to be their strength as the new year begins.

Please pray for financial provision for my family. I’ll do whatever the Lord’s will is. Please pray for discernment. thank you.

Gracie Gilliam is in Maui, housing people from Charleston, who were evacuated because of the fires.

Pray for provision for all those in Hawaii who have lost family and home in the fire.

Pray for all group leaders who are launching groups in August and September.  Specifically, pray for all the Praying Groups that God will do a great work in the hearts of those participating and those who are leading.

My good friend, Danny, suffered a stroke early morning (8/9). He is in MUSC ICU. Pray for healing and no long term damage. Also, pray for his wife, Cindy. Thank you!

Please pray for all students going back to school and for the teachers who influence them so much.  Pray for connections with Christian friends.

Pray for all those who are involved in the potential new sanctuary plans.  May God’s will be done.

Pray for my friend Nancy who has not accepted Christ as her savior.

Judy’s son Tyler relapsed with his addiction and is expressing suicidal desires. She is traveling to see him as quickly as possible.

Pray for Miller Claire, less than 1 yr old.  She’s in a coma and on a ventilator. Her heart stopped and went too long without oxygen. We don’t know why yet. Doctor doesn’t seem hopeful she will recover.  Update:  Miller Claire passed away August 9. Her mom did make the decision to have her be an organ donor so other lives may be touched and healed.

Please pray for Cal who is showing self injury behaviors. Lord please clothe him with comfort, regulation, and peace so he can breathe and be comfortable in his mind and skin.

Our brother-in-law  was diagnosed with a brain tumor rushed to hospital.  He is having brain surgery right now. Pray for a good result from surgery and that the Holy Spirit will bring him to faith.