We were made to live in community with others! At LifePark, we believe we grow more spiritually when we’re connected relationally. Our adult discipleship group’s ministry is designed to help you fulfill this need. Our desire is to see everyone grow in Christ, build life-giving relationships, and share their faith with others. There are five different types of groups at LifePark: Classes, LifeGroups, re|engage, Care, and Mentoring groups. We want to help you find the best group for you.

It’s going to be a busy summer at LifePark! We’ve got next gen student mission trips, kids camps and on campus experiences like VBS and the music camp, college interns serving in our ministries, weekly and monthly prayer services, mission trips,  and more happening in June and July at LifePark. We want you to enjoy and engage in it with us! To accommodate summer travel and all of these opportunities, we’ll be offering groups this summer a little differently than we have in the past.

While there are always a few open, ongoing groups (many with relaxed schedules for summer), the primary way to jump into groups right now if you aren’t currently in one is to join a short-term group in July as a teaser for the Fall launch or to grab a few others and try Groups on the Go anytime to stay in fellowship and grow spiritually together this summer!

Groups on the Go encourages you to take the concept of life in community that is oriented towards spiritual growth on the road with you wherever you go this summer. Our Groups on the Go guide will equip you with plenty ideas for study or discussion as you grab a few friends, colleagues, or neighbors, and purpose to grow together this summer. Whether you are waiting out swim team practice with other parents, sitting on the beach with friends, or jumping in on group life virtually during your lunch hour, we want to equip you with great content to help you grow together this summer. Where will you take Groups on the Go?

We’ll launch a few short-term groups this summer beginning July 6th! These groups will run anywhere from 3-6 weeks and will be a great opportunity to connect with other LifeParkers before our bigger group launch in the fall. We encourage you to come back to this website in mid June to check out our groups that will launch in July.

Check out our current open opportunities for groups that will be meeting throughout the summer or will begin in July. Click here to view our summer groups.

We’ll start listing Fall Group details in each of the environments listed below as they become available throughout the summer, however, we’ll plan to have them all listed and ready for you to sign-up for them in mid-August with our eyes set for launch around September 10th.


LifeGroups are all about forming relationships with other Christians for spiritual growth. Each week, LifeGroups gather in homes and meeting spots throughout our city and at our church for Bible study, fel­lowship, prayer, and mission. There are LifeGroups for Men, Women, and CO-ED. We offer LifeGroups on most days of the week and there are a variety of LifeGroups for different ages.


Classes at LifePark are focused on learning biblical information that will deepen faith and strengthen our church. Classes tend to be more lecture-based with some discussion in a co-ed setting. In the past, our classes at LifePark have covered topics like leadership, biblical interpretation or survey, mission and evangelism, stewardship, and apologetics.


Re|engage is a weekly marriage enrichment ministry that examines God’s design for marriage and applies principles from the Bible to guide couples towards growth in their relationship with each other.




Our mentoring ministry provides specific spiritual and practical insight and wisdom into a person’s life from an experienced leader. Mentoring at LifePark takes place for men and women in two ways: Radical Mentoring and 1:1 mentoring. Radical Mentoring is a 9-month group journey and 1:1 Mentoring is a short-term pairing focused on a specific area of desired growth.


Care groups are a friendly, weekly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through life’s most difficult experiences. We offer a few types of care groups including groups for help and healing for the hurt of separation or divorce, support for those grieving the loss of a loved one, and recovery groups for men and women working to overcome addiction.


One of the main ways we can know Christ and grow up in Him is through prayer. Prayer is essential because it is how we listen and speak to our Heavenly Father. Most agree that prayer is important but many of us find it challenging. Cohorts help people learn to pray together by meeting weekly to learn about prayer. We also discover the joy of praying together and watching God move in each others’ lives. 


The purpose of the Senior Adults Ministry is to create an environment for fellowship, edification, and ministry opportunities for our senior adults.  We have large group gatherings each year that are complemented by more frequent small group gatherings of people with specific interests. Check out our ministry page, jump into an interest group, and sign up for our monthly newsletters to stay in the loop!


The Church at LifePark invites both men and women to join us on one of our Fall or Spring hikes. The hikes are an opportunity for God to change your life as you embark on a four-day adventure. Join others as you hike, explore, build relationships, and experience God in a fresh way. These retreat opportunities are available for men or women who are seeking to strengthen their faith by getting out their comfort zone and learning to deepen their trust in God and with one another.

Need help finding your fit?


LifePark has 3 options to assist with childcare: 

1. Childcare at LifePark. Groups can meet at the church during the time when the church offers childcare. These times are: Tuesday nights (6:30pm-8:00pm), and Thursday mornings (9:30am-11:30am). If your group meets at LifePark during this time and you would like childcare, please register below. *Please note – this option is limited and priority may be given to one group over another (ex. a single mothers group would be given priority.).

2. Childcare Reimbursement for Groups. The group meets together in a home with the sitters present. The group hires 2 sitters and LifePark reimburses the group leader when the reimbursement form is submitted (at the rate LifePark determines). Families can bring their children to the group and everyone is together for a little while until it is time for the sitters to take the children to another location in the home so the study can begin. Group Leaders can submit for reimbursement by clicking the button below.

3. Individual Family Partial Reimbursement – Parents hire their own sitter at their home. They submit a form monthly and LifePark pays up to $6 per hour for up to three hours per week. This option is good for young families that need to place their young children in bed by a certain time. 


The best time to join a group at LifePark is in the fall around the back to school season (August/September), right after the new year (January/February), and when summer rolls around (June). We often promote new groups and opportunities for a few weeks during each of these seasons and then new groups launch after Labor Day, New Year’s, and when school releases for the summer. We are glad to help you find a group to join between these keys dates as well. Just reach out to our team and we will help you find the right group.

If you’ve read our brief guide to the types of groups at LifePark and still have questions about finding the right group for you, we’d love to help. Send us a note through our inquiry form below and we’ll be glad to get back to you and help you find the right group for you. Just reach out to our team and we will help you find the right group.



We help each other grow through authentic relationships in community. We get people into smaller groups to build meaningful relationships, care for each other and serve together (inside and outside the church).


We help each other grow through authentic relationships in community. We get people into smaller groups to build meaningful relationships, care for each other and serve together (inside and outside the church).


We live on mission always seeking to share the gospel. We share with those in our sphere of influence, with our community through local outreach and through planting churches locally, in the U.S. and around the world.