Men’s Spring HIKE 2023

The LifePark Men’s Hike is an opportunity for men to get away from the busyness of life and go on a four-day adventure exploring God’s creation. This is a great chance for you to hike, camp, build relationships with other men, and experience God.

Important dates for the Spring 2023 hike:

Sun 05-Mar | 1:00 PM | Information Meeting
Sat 18-Mar | 7:30 AM | Conditioning Hike #1 (Ravenel Bridge)
Thu 23-Mar | 6:30 PM | Hike Meeting #1 / Equipment Meeting
Sat 25-Mar | 7:30 AM | Conditioning Hike #2 (Laurel Hill)
Thu 30-Mar | 6:30 PM | Hike Meeting #2
Sat 01-Apr | 7:30 AM | Conditioning Hike #3 (Laurel Hill)
Sat 15-Apr | 7:30 AM | Conditioning Hike #4 (Ravenel Bridge)
Thu 20-Apr | 6:30 PM | Hike Meeting #3 / Weigh in Meeting
Sat 22-Apr | 7:30 AM | Conditioning Hike #5 (Ravenel Bridge)


What is the Hike?

The LifePark Hike is available for men and women and is an opportunity for God to change your life as you embark on a four-day adventure. Join others as you hike, explore, build relationships, and experience God in a fresh way.

Who should join the Hike?

This is available for men or women who are seeking to strengthen their faith by getting out their comfort zone and learning to deepen their trust in God and with one another.

How long will this last?

The hike is scheduled for four days. We will leave on Thursday, September 9 and return home on Sunday, September 12.

How do I register? What is the cost?

Registration is online at the church’s website (see below). The cost is $70 for first-time hiker and $50 for a returning men and women hikers. The payments are made online when you register. This covers dinners, t-shirt, equipment, etc. Scholarships are available for those in need.

Where do you go to hike?

Different places in the upstate of the SC or NC mountains; if we enough interest we may consider a trip to Mt Kilimanjaro. We change the location yearly but do not make it public so you may focus on being with God and each other.

How do I know if I am in good enough shape to go on the hike?

Please feel free to contact us and we can discuss your physical situation. If you are concerned, get the recommendation of your doctor. The trip will involve four days of hiking with a backpack through moderately challenging terrain. The teams will hike Ravenel Bridge with full packs to help you determine your ability.

Do I need to buy equipment for the hike?

You may need to buy some equipment but if finances are an issue, we have some of equipment that you may borrow (e.g. backpack, tent).

What if I have food allergies or a medical condition?

Please make that known on the registration form.

Will there be childcare?

There is no childcare available.

What if I need to contact my spouse on the hike?

The church has an emergency contact for the hikers that family members can call in the event of an emergency. The emergency contact can then contact our hike supervisor. Any further questions please email Rick Higgins.


Any further questions please email Rick Higgins.