LifeParkConnect is an interactive four-class program created to educate on what it truly means to live life to the full through knowing Christ, growing in relationships and sharing the gospel.

LifeParkConnect is designed to meet you where you are. From newcomers to new believers and longtime LifeParkers, LifeParkConnect offers a full menu of short bite-sized introductory classes designed to help you take your next step.

If you’re a newcomer to LifePark or have been visiting for a short time and want to learn more about our history, vision, values and beliefs, we encourage you to jump right in by signing up for Connect101.

Connect201 is a perfect starting point if you are interested in learning more about developing strong spiritual habits to deepen your relationship with God. This course will give you practical steps on “knowing Christ,” from quiet time to Bible study programs and prayer.

LifePark believes we are built for community, that is why we invest our time in serving, group life and missions. When we “connect,” we grow and build deep, meaningful lifelong friendships and relationships. LifeparkConnect301 will share opportunities for you to “connect” in ways that are meaningful to you.

Connect401 will explore how you can take your faith and values and turn them into tangible life-transformational opportunities with your family, friends, colleagues and community.

John 10:10 (NIV) says, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.” The Church at LifePark has identified “living life to the full” as our vision and we are committed to realizing this vision through our leaders, staff, volunteers and congregation.

We encourage you to register for any one of the four classes – and get started. There is no preferred order you need to take the classes, only the desire that you will join us on this journey. If you desire to become a member of The Church at LifePark, you will be required to attend all four classes (in no particular order or time).


LifePark Connect classes have reached capacity. We apologize for the inconvenience. LifePark will begin enrollment for our late summer and Fall 2021 classes soon. If you would like to receive an email alert when new classes are available, please complete the short form below. Thank you for your patience..


Connect101 is about our vision of Living Life to the Full (John 10:10). In this class we will discuss the history of LifePark, what we believe and the value of church membership.


Connect201 is about knowing Christ. In this class we will discuss how you can know Christ and personal spiritual habits on how you can personally connect with Christ.


Connect301 is about growing in relationships. In this class we will discuss how you can connect with other believers through group life and student ministries at LifePark.


Connect401 is about sharing the Gospel. In this class we will discuss how you can connect with others through sharing the gospel in your sphere of influence and serving within the church.