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LifePark has 3 options to assist with childcare: 

1. Childcare at LifePark. Groups can meet at the church during the time when the church offers childcare. These times are: Tuesday nights (6:30pm-8:00pm), and Thursday mornings (9:30am-11:30am). If your group meets at LifePark during this time and you would like childcare, please register below. *Please note – this option is limited and priority may be given to one group over another (ex. a single mothers group would be given priority.).

2. Childcare Reimbursement for Groups. The group meets together in a home with the sitters present. The group hires 2 sitters and LifePark reimburses the group leader when the reimbursement form is submitted (at the rate LifePark determines). Families can bring their children to the group and everyone is together for a little while until it is time for the sitters to take the children to another location in the home so the study can begin. Group Leaders can submit for reimbursement by clicking the button below.

3. Individual Family Partial Reimbursement – Parents hire their own sitter at their home. They submit a form monthly and LifePark pays up to $7.50 per hour for up to three hours per week. This option is good for young families that need to place their young children in bed by a certain time.