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Prayer requests are listed in order of most recent (top) to oldest (bottom)

Continue to pray for the high schoolers while they are on their mission trip in Florida. Pray for health, strength, and boldness in sharing the Gospel.

Please pray that the Lord would bless and expand coastal builders and renovations and that I would get over a relationship in my life.

Please pray for continued opportunities for Cory to share the Gospel and receptive ears to hear the message of God’s love for them.

Brother (David, 68) has been in ICU for 4 weeks. Critical respiratory and renal issues along with several infections. Pray for his wife, Michele, and his three daughters that are struggling.

Pray for my sister as she is struggling to find community in Med School. Pray that she would find a Godly group of girls to surround herself with during this season of life.

Please pray for peace and clear direction for where God is calling me to work in this next season. Pray that He would reveal where my gifts would best serve those around me.

Please pray for protection in a difficult situation with a church I am part of. Also for my finances, career, healing, family, new friends, and health.

My husband has been suffering from severe back/shoulder pain for the past month. Please pray that he continues to lean on his faith for the next 3 weeks while he’s waiting for a dr appointment.

It has been hitting me more and more recently how rough my life is. I feel like I did everything I possibly could when I got saved at 26 to show GOD how grateful I am. Pray for peace and restoration of faith.

I have not felt the Holy Spirit in a long time. Please pray that God will give me the desire to do what will bring about restoration to fellowship with Him and that people would be willing to help.

Please pray for someone in my family (his name is Kenny). He is in the hospital again with liver issues. Pray for healing and may God draw him to Himself through this time.

Pray for protection, prosperity, miracles, wisdom, freedom, big gains, favor of God, blessings,
chance, success, and healthy healing for pastor Thieringo.

Please pray that the Lord would grant me the loan to get cash back out of my house.

God’s wisdom and help in finalizing our systems and estimating costs so that when God sends an influx of work, we are efficient and effective.

I pray for peace for pastor Chad who did such a great job with his Culture Series. It was clearly heavy on his heart on how to present it truthfully, and with love. Mission accomplished!

I’ve been asking for prayers for my 15-year-old son who needs community. I think it is starting to get better. Please keep praying. I do believe covid isolation really affected kids his age.

Our entire household is battling the flu. Please pray for our healing.

Pray for a struggling marriage (married 36 years). Husband is addicted to alcohol and drugs. Pray for marriage counseling to help, for supernatural healing for the husband, and grace for the wife to endure.

Please pray for continued healing and peace.

Dawn will be admitted to Emory on Saturday 6/11 for a month-long treatment including high-dose chemo and stem cell infusion. Pray for my donor and for a successful transplant and for complete and permanent remission.

Please pray for my father who has renal failure. Doctors are recommending emergency dialysis, but he is refusing. Pray the Lord will guide him, shower him with His healing grace, and for peace.

Pray for the M-Fuge middle school trip in July! Pray that the Spirit would prepare students’ hearts, deepen their relationship with Christ, and continue living out their faith once they return home.

Please pray that God would guide my parents and 2 brothers to salvation.

For my sister Vicki in California who has cancer throughout her body. Please pray for healing and comfort for her. Wisdom for the doctors.

A woman requesting a prayer for healing.

Pray for a man in my life that I love to continue pursuing the Lord and healing from losing someone he loved last year. Prayers that he would continue to become the Godly man he so desires to be.

Please continue to pray for a relationship in my life that recently ended to be reconciled. Praying that God would open the door for us to come back together and pursue a future together.

Pray that God’s will be done with my work/home schedule.

Please pray for my father, Gonzalo. He is suffering from kidney failure and is about to go on dialysis. Please ask the Lord to send him healing, peace, and comfort

Requesting prayer for Khadijah for salvation and spiritual deliverance.

Praise that my cousin Frankie’s breast cancer surgery went very well – clear margins, no lymph node involvement, and no gene variations. But, she is 82 and the doctor recommends grueling chemotherapy. Pray for strength and healing through the process.

For Cory- open doors for a visiting team to share the gospel over the next 5 weeks and for his friend Atharva, whom he met yesterday, to believe in Jesus.

Praise update: Thank you, Father, for the improvement in my daughter’s health! Help her to continue to improve until she is completely well.

Pray for my friend, Shannon, and her family as they move upstate for connections to be made and improvements in her health.

My friend has a custody hearing on 6/6. Pray for the judge to hear the truth, lies to be seen, for mom and daughter to be together again, and for temporary custody to be flipped for full custody to mom.

My lifelong best friend has breast cancer, caught in the early stages. They see the Dr this week. Pray for no spreading and quick healing.

Praise update: Ronda is improving. Please pray for her phsycial therapy to be effective.

Please pray for God’s mercy, protection, and guidance over our daughter who is doing a summer semester in France. Pray that she would be an ambassador for Christ there! Thank you!

Pray for God to touch my 18 yo grandson and heal him of a psychotic disorder. Pray for Wisdom and peace for me (he lives with me).

Pray for my construction company as we take a sabbatical year. Pray that our team is unified and learns to communicate effectively with each other.

Pray for peace for a single mom who lost her husband and found out daughter (20) is traveling to Croatia to pursue a romantic relationship with a female she met online. Pray that God would intervene, provide protection, and change hearts.

Our church denomination (Australia) is likely to press ahead with a liturgy for same-sex blessings. Praying for a miracle and for God to guide leaders to His truth, for unity and submission to His authoritative Word.

I am having difficulties finding a place to live. Struggling to find God. Feeling disconnected from Him b/c of past decisions. I need guidance to work on my faith.

Please pray for Uvalde, TX. My heart hurts for the kids and the families and everyone in my hometown. This tragedy is so sad and so surreal.

I ask for prayer for the Lord to provide my mom and I a house or duplex. We have been moving a lot for years and been homeless twice. We would like to settle in a place without having to worry about it.

I would like for the Church to please pray that the Lord gives me a sign on where exactly my stolen Mini DV Tapes collections are so I can go rescue them.

Please pray for my High school friend’s husband who committed suicide. She has a 7 month old baby.

Please pray for Mario and I to stay strongly connected. I’ve been sad at times and have strong feelings for him. I hope he has strong feelings to be in a relationship together.

Pray for Denise who is battling stage 3 melanoma and begins treatment in May.

I pray our church family heard and will follow Pastor Chad’s vision for helping those in need in our community . Lifepark is a REAL church Reflecting Jesus. I pray that continues and multiplies.

Jesus, I am a sinner trying to be a faithful servant. I love you. I know you, I’ve heard your word and been blessed by you. Jesus I come in prayer, asking in your name to save Kevin’s life. Amen

Asking for prayer for full custody and permanent custody of my kids, so that I can raise them in the Lord.

For the first Pastors Renewal Conference May 16-18 and the Baltimore Missions Team leaving May 18th.

For an older woman who feels isolated and is at home recovering from a fall.

Ask God to bless Crowfield Baptist Church as it seeks to revitalize and refocus upon Christ’s Great Commission. Ask God to provide a part-time Worship Leader for our church.

Please pray that the Lord would bless and expand coastal builders and renovations.

Please continue to pray for Godly Christian friends for my 16 year old son who is struggling to connect.

Please pray for my son as he graduates from the Air Force Academy and joins the Air Force as a second lieutenant. That God would protect his path as he serves.

Pray that my brother realizes that he needs a Savior.

Pray for my stepbrother complete healing from cancer. Pray that he accepts Christ as his Lord and Savior. Convince him to share his diagnosis with his siblings.


Our weekly Community Prayer Service is every Thursday. Our first service is from 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. and is a great opportunity for private prayer. Our evening service is held on the first Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. and includes a time of worship and intentional prayer.


LifePark members may receive a personal, intensive time of healing prayer. Each 90-minute session is guided by the Holy Spirit and is completely confidential. Prayer ministers assist those seeking freedom from past wounds, lies and unforgiveness to usher in wholeness and freedom.


The LifePark prayer team prays over each prayer request. It would be a privilege for us to stand with you as you believe God for answers to the petitions of your heart. NOTE: We do not disclose the names of individuals submitting requests.