Prayer requests are listed in order of most recent (top) to oldest (bottom)

We just found LifePark and are becoming involved. I think we are under attack – illness, family death, conflict with relatives. We need strength, wisdom, and peace.

Pray for me as I deal with upcoming decisions that I need to make for my future.

For the Will of God to be done in A.P’s life and for her to be set free from any dark spirits, ungodly soul ties, and spirits of abuse.

Wando Woods Baptist church voted to be replanted. Please pray for God’s next choice of leadership to be raised up. For favor and for the Holy Spirit to lead this effort.

Pray for my family.

Pray that my son, Andrew’s faith is strengthened.

Pray for Dusty (26 y/o) who went in for heart surgery and coded. He is in the ICU and doctors say his recovery will be 6-8 months. Pray for his healing.

I want to know God’s unfailing, eternal, and faithful love. I want to experience and be filled with His love and meet God on a personal level. Pray for my relationship with Christ.

Please pray for my brother-in-law Gwyn. He is at UNC Chapel Hill in very critical condition. God please heal him!

Pray for all the details to come together for LPC’s annual fundraising banquet on 3/31. Pray the Lord will bring all the people to the event who need to learn more and support the ministry.

Please pray that God deliver my friend Jennifer from the darkness she is in. I ask that God open her eyes & turn them from darkness to light, & from the power of Satan to God.

Pray for me and my classmates as we finish up the last few classes of nursing school. Pray for the teacher (J Helms) for him to listen to our concerns and apply them to his teachings.

Pray for my relationship with my boyfriend.

Pray for healing and restoration of my grandmother’s health.

Please pray for protection/victory over lying and false words coming against me.

Pray for Lori, who has cancer on her ovaries and lungs. She recently underwent surgery to remove the tumors. Pray for God’s healing and that all cancer would be removed from her body.

Pray for my business ministry to grow to whatever God wants and to be open to His opportunities.

Prayers for my friend going through a divorce.

For the will of Jesus Christ to be done in A’s life and for her to be set free from any dark spirits, ungodly soul ties or spirits of spiritual or emotional abuse.

Please pray for my business. I am a self-employed single mom. Without business, I don’t get paid.
Please pray also for my daughter’s ankles & feet. She is in constant pain.

Please pray for my daughter Sydney, who is struggling at college with making good choices.

My friend’s son is in a 10 year battle with addictions. Pray for his deliverance and for her strength and wisdom as a mom.

My husband and I are not doing well. I don’t know where this is going to end. I feel I need to seek a counselor. I’m trying to take care of mom, an aunt who has kidney failure, and now my marriage.

Praise report! My mom is doing well after heart cath. and 2 month rehab!

Please pray for Morgan’s friend Noah. He is currently on a dark path. He vapes and smokes weed daily. Please pray for God to open up Noah’s heart towards him.

Please pray for Chennai’s colleges and house church movements. Also for fruit during the visit to Sikh villages in Chandigarh in early March.

Pray for our first responders who are faced with tragic events on a daily basis and usually see the worst of humanity. Family life and marriages are often effected. Asking for God’s protection.

Please pray that the Lord would provide for and protect Coastal Builders.

Please pray for my friend Christina’s daughter. Alana has bipolar disorder and been very unstable the past few months. Please pray God would help her.

Pray for Alex (under 30 yrs old). A cancerous tumor was found on his spine. After radiation and chemo, the tumor shrunk but F/U radiation and chemo is needed. Pray that he remains strong and finds Jesus.

Pray for a friend who has lung cancer and is coming to the end of available treatments. Pray for her to feel, know, embrace and take comfort in God’s grip of love, and for me to be a conduit of God’s love.

Pray for Laura, who is battling alcoholism. That she would experience breakthroughs by the power of the Holy Spirit in rehab and restore her relationship with Jesus!

Comfort and peace for Mr. Troy and Mrs. Pauline as he is still in the hospital with a stroke.

Pray for a church in Monmouth, IL to find the right pastor (ideally Hispanic) who can minister there and has a heart to follow God’s will. There is big need for the Hispanic community to know about Jesus in the area.

Pray for the Sanctuary on 2nd in Monmouth, IL. For apartment building to have the right people doing the work, pray for funding, smooth construction, and open doors from God.

Please pray for my cousin, Lim Siaw San, who is battling pancreatic cancer. Her next CT scan and chemo is on March 28. Please pray for her salvation and her willingness to come back to church.

Pray that my daughter would finish high school and leave her negative past behind and look to Jesus.

Prayers that the nodule on my lung is not cancer. Pray that I have no cancer left in my body and many years with my husband and kids.

Pray for our niece and husband, and newborn baby, moving to the Low Country from Pennsylvania. Pray for all the details involved and that they will find and connect with a church in the Summerville area.

Healing for my cousin, Chris, who has had surgery for bladder cancer, and for next steps.

Pray for my dad who has health issues. He has 2 pretty significant surgeries coming up in March. Pray that he would come out of the surgeries well and for healing and for my mom as she cares for him.

Pray for my friend’s young adult daughter who is estranged from the family and is questioning her gender identity.

Husband and father of 3 just lost his job of 13 years. Pray for wisdom and direction as he determines his next steps. Pray for God to provide for his family in the meantime.

My 9 yo son was just diagnosed with dyslexia. Pray for us as we seek to get help for him, for him & the anxiety he feels at school, and for financial provisions to help with the extra costs for the help.

Pray for wife and mom of 4 going through treatment for thyroid cancer.

Pray for my daughter’s marriage. Still newlyweds, they are coming to some challenging decisions.

Please pray for strengthening in my walk with the Lord. I feel like I am getting there but maybe only going through the motions. Please pray that I begin to take every step with Him.

We are grateful for the new bilingual staff members in our education and clinical departments at Low Country Pregnancy Center. Their impact for our clients is immediate & already increasing the people we are reaching in the community.

Revival is happening right now! We need to be praying for the spirit to move in our church, Charleston and South Carolina. I want our community to witness the power of the Holy Spirit at work!

Please pray that the Lord would provide good jobs in Mt pleasant for Coastal Builders and Renovations. I am currently working in Columbia, but I live in Mt. Pleasant.

Michael was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer 6 months ago. Pray that his treatment is successful in shrinking his tumors, for strength to win this fight and for family to find comfort in faith.

Pray for my construction company to remain faithful to our calling and have the power to overcome significant spiritual warfare. Pray that we would not give up and that God would give us the victory.

Urgent prayer request for Gayle (82) and husband “Butch”. Gayle is in CA Kaiser ICU as of 2/20. They are believers and long-time friends. She was on dialysis; functions failing now. May God’s peace & will be done.

Please pray for our friends, the Nassyrov family. They were involved in a car accident on 2/16/2023 on Clements Ferry and they lost their 7year old son.

Please pray for Colette B. She is 13 years old and is in the hospital with myocarditis. They just moved her to Shands Hospital in Gainesville, FL.

Pray for a General Contractor who is withholding a large sum of money from us and we cannot get a hold of them. Pray they talk to us and reach an agreement for payment.

My dad passed unexpectedly Thursday. This is a very difficult time for me and my family on top of other hardships that have occurred recently. My heart is so heavy and its unbearable, I feel so numb.

My lifelong friend of 78 years, Jerry, has an incurable blood cancer (Mantle Cell Lymphoma). He is to undergo six sessions of chemotherapy over the next five months.

Please pray that I can get back my Mini DV Tapes collection that was stolen last year. I must have those pre-recorded family memories back in the name of the Most High Lord.

Pray for Alina P. to be set free from all abuse, fear, and dark spirits and principalities of this world. For her to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to be in the will of Jesus Christ.


Our weekly Community Prayer Service is every Thursday. Our first service is from 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. and is a great opportunity for private prayer. Our evening service is held on the first Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. and includes a time of worship and intentional prayer.


LifePark members may receive a personal, intensive time of healing prayer. Each 90-minute session is guided by the Holy Spirit and is completely confidential. Prayer ministers assist those seeking freedom from past wounds, lies and unforgiveness to usher in wholeness and freedom.


The LifePark prayer team prays over each prayer request. It would be a privilege for us to stand with you as you believe God for answers to the petitions of your heart. NOTE: We do not disclose the names of individuals submitting requests.