Prayer requests are listed in order of most recent (top) to oldest (bottom)

My husband had back surgery this week. Praying for full recovery. Praying for me to be full of the spirit with grace and love towards him as he will not be able to do much of anything for 6 weeks.

I am struggling with singleness and not becoming bitter after a broken engagement and years of waiting/disappointment. Pray for God’s strength.

Pray for my son, daughter’s and grandson’s health.

Pray for Brette, who moved from California and is trying to find community.

Pray for parents of a firstborn living far from parents.

Pray for my 3rd grade son who is struggling in school with reading and handwriting and is starting to withdraw in class and not participate. Pray that he improves and God gives him confidence.

My dad says my mom is starting to repeat herself. Please pray that this is nothing serious and that her mind would remain sharp. Also, that God would heal her if there is something wrong.

I pray that thorugh my illness my family will draw closer together and that my children will draw closer to Jesus.

Pray for a swift recovery from surgery and the ability to to speak. Pray that Cancer is completely removed.

Pray for my grandson, Nate, as he awaits hearing from his application to Clemson. Pray that God will put him where he needs to be.

Please pray for Blake. He seems to be close to wanting a relationship with Christ. We have known him and have been talking to him about this for 5 years. Pray God will continue to work in his heart.

Please pray for my husband who will be traveling over the next 3 weeks. Please pray for travel mercies and for myself to keep everything in order while he travels!

Please pray for my friend having surgery Nov. 30th, pray that the surgery is successful, and that healing is quick and thorough.

Pray for my son, Cooper, as he recovers from mono. Pray for healing and that he maintains strength to stay focused on his studies.

Please pray that the gospel will be alive and moving this Christmas season throughout our church.

Pray for my friend, Tom. He is having a biopsy to test for Pancreatic Cancer.

Pray for discernment and open communication in speaking with parents about them aging, what’s next and how to move forward as a family.

Pray for clarity on upcoming job decisions.

I have a few areas in need of breakthrough prayer. Myself and several others are suffering in a similar way. Please pray that God gives us faith, freedom, and an to end our suffering.

Pray for an outreach event happening at Madras Christian College on 12/3/22 and for opportunities to share the Gospel and meet believing students at Anna University.

Please pray for my husband Felix’s salvation and deliverance from alcohol. Pray for God to restore my marriage, to remove his rudeness, to give him love, and for compassion and kindness towards me.

My friend got news from her doctor that she has fluid in her stomach. Pray it’s an easy fix for the doctors and that she starts feeling better. Praying for a good report.

Prayer for my grandmother (Alma). A spot on her thumb has been diagnosed as cancer and they recommend amputation. Her daughter (Juliana) needs prayer as she helps guide her Mom in this decision.

Prayer needed for my step-dad (Kevin) whose mother (Cathy) passed away suddenly this past week. This is a very difficult time for our family.

Pray for the Lord to bless the prayer walk taking place on the Isle of Palms with Deep Water Church on January 14th. For good weather and an awesome time of Spirit-filled prayer.

Laura Cadell was prayed for at the November prayer service. Her cancer battle is over and she is at home with Jesus. Pray for her husband and 3 children as they mourn.

Pray for Jennie who is battling invasive, stage 4, lobular breast cancer that has recurred and for her husband and 2 kids.

Pray for my friend. She has been dating this great guy for over 2 years! They love each other very much and want to get married! The problem is her youngest daughter wants nothing to do with him.

Pray for healing for my ex-husband. He had a stroke over a year ago and is still battling headaches and they have to do treatments to thin his blood. If it gets too think he could have another stroke.

This Christmas season, I pray for families. That the conflicts and chaos of gathering together would disappear and we would all focus on the birth of our Savior.

This Christmas season, I pray for all anxieties to be wiped away. I pray for a peace that surpasses all understanding as we lift our eyes to you, Lord.

I worry so much about my twin brother Frank who doesn’t understand God’s plan for him. Continue to pray he finds Christ and follows Him.

Father God, may love surround my friend, Butch. As he fights for his life, we pray for the strength for he and all his loved ones. We know you are with him.

Please pray for guidance as our family has to make decisions regarding my moms care. I most likely will become her full time caregiver. We need wisdom on where to live once she moves to South Carolina.

Pray for biopsies to be negative & for body to be restored to good health.

I’m having many roadblocks to getting access to my trust fund/inheritance. I’m getting denied at banks even after doing probate. Pray for opportunity with one more bank who may be able to help.

Alex is 27 years old, smart, responsible, respectful etc. He just learned that he has a cancerous tumor on his spine. Radiation and treatment has begun. Pray for complete healing and comfort for family.

Praising God for the blessing of Nicole, who not only understood my eating restrictions but was a young woman from Mississippi who attends a 28-member Southern Baptist Church in Brooklyn.

Please pray for the unchurched people we met in Brooklyn: Tyler who didn’t have a friend, Daniel who lived in fear in his own neighborhood, and Musafah who is Muslim and originally from Turkey.

Please Pray God would bless me with a life partner soon. I’ve been praying for this since 1995.

My cousin Tom is having brain surgery on Dec. 15 to remove a tumor, then will need radiation & chemo. I pray that he will open his heart to the Lord as he is not a Christian.

Pray for our company to have God’s wisdom and direction in solving multiple stressful issues that came up on projects. We ask to pray for confidence and boldness in decision making as we walk through these challenges.

Pray for me to be my best person. Also, please pray for my mom and dad.

Please pray for Evangelist and dear friend of mine, Scott. He is preaching at Providence Baptist Church this week. Please pray for God’s movement through the church and that hearts will change.

Please pray God greatly meets all the spiritual, financial, and physical needs in our family. Thank you so much and God bless!

My friend Kim is going through some serious health issues and I ask everyone to pray for her health. That God will heal her body and that I pray for her strength through this traumatic time.

Praise that great grandson arrived safely and his mama is recovering nicely.

Pray for SP to seek and follow God’s will concerning her alcoholic fiance. Also, salvation and truth for KT, AM, JP, and RM.

Prayers for my best friend and her mom who broke her shoulder. My best friend is taking care of her.

Please pray for Cynthia and her family. Cynthia works with my husband. Her grandson was one of the three UVA students killed in yesterday’s shooting.

I am really struggling financially. Pray for God’s provision, security, and peace.

Please pray for my family to have a financial breakthrough.

Asking for prayers for my grandson Gabriel.

Pray for wisdom as I lead my prayer cohort. For these ladies as they grow in their prayer life and encouragement in life situations.

Pray for all those who have lost loved ones this year, for God’s comfort and peace.

My friend’s son has just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and I would like for the church to pray for this family.

Pray for my dear friends. The husband was diagnosed with liver cancer. Pray a liver be available if that is God’s direction, peace, comfort, mercy and that God be glorified through their strong faith.

Please pray for families who are struggling with school choices- public? private? homeschool?

Pray for connection time with my son and for him to cling to his identity in Christ instead of what the world is telling him.

Praise for connection time with my daughter and for her opening up and sharing what is going on in her life. Please pray this open communication continues.


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