1151 George Browder Blvd


Fresh Start Visions

Where: North Charleston

Ideal for: Adults and families with children 12 yrs or older 

Fresh Start Visions is a local organization that works with inmates and released individuals. They work with men inside of prison to help them find meaning and purpose and provide transitional assistance to men as they transition back into freedom. They own a property in North Charleston that helps house their clients, host bible studies, financial counseling, and so much more.

Volunteer Activity: Volunteers will work alongside Fresh Start Vision serving their community by helping clean up the neighborhood, basic lawn care, and volunteering at a neighborhood cookout.

Southside Baptist Church

Where: Downtown Charleston

Ideal for: Adults and Families w/ children 12 yrs and older

Southside Baptist Church is a church plant in Downtown Charleston. They seek to reach the lost in their surrounding neighborhood through community events and weekly services.

Volunteer activity: Volunteers will work with the Southside Family to clear out and clean up their aging campus to help facilitate their ministry in the coming weeks and years.

East Cooper Community Outreach (ECCO)

This serving opportunity to currently full. 

Hope to Home

This serving opportunity is currently full

Windwood Farms

This serving opportunity to currently full. 


WHEN is Love Local? 

Love Local is on April 30, 2022 from 8:00am – 12:00pm

WHAT is Love Local?

Love Local is a local outreach event all about meeting needs in our local community. This event is for groups, families, and individuals who want to join together to partner with local organizations. Volunteers will be able to build and grow relationships with each other, learn about local organizations, and meet needs within our community. 

WHERE is Love Local?

Love Local is throughout our tri-county area. We will start the day together in LifePark West, and will be sent out to our partner organizations. Depending on your selected service opportunity you’ll be spending the rest of the morning in Mount Pleasant, Charleston, or North Charleston.

WHY Love Local? Why these partners?

Love Local offers connection points to individuals within the church, needs within our community, and organizations that are meeting those needs. This isn’t just service for service’s sake. This is an opportunity to come together as a community and impact those around us. This is an opportunity to grow deeper in relationships with one another. This is an opportunity to learn something new about our community. Love Local is not just about meeting needs. Love Local is about learning more about our community and loving it more fully. 

We’ve selected our partners based on which organizations were able to host teams, offer service opportunities that had a lasting impact, and ensure that teams could serve together in a safe way. It is our hope that volunteers will walk away from their partner organization more knowledgeable about a local need, how that organization is meeting that need, and a sense of impact. 

WHO can participate in Love Local?

Anyone can participate in a service opportunity! However, anyone under the age of 18 must serve with a parent.