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The Bible is God’s inspired Word to us. It teaches us what’s true, helps us see things in our lives that we know we should address, and empowers us to discover more purpose, more fulfillment, and live in freedom. Jesus said: “I have come so that you may have life and have it to the full.” John 10:10

Below, we’ve included several Bible Reading Plans to help you navigate through the Bible. Take a look at these plans and find the one that best suits your rhythm. Curious if it is important to use a plan? Watch the video below:


Check out all of the plans listed on this website over on the Bible App by YouVersion. We’ve listed them there in one place so you can get started today. We encourage you to browse all of their plans to find one you’ll be excited to start today.
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Bible in a Year

This plan takes you through the entire Bible with two readings each day: one from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament.

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1 Year Chronological Plan

Read through the Bible in the order the events actually occurred. This is a great plan to follow if you want to add historical context to your Bible reading. The chronological plan will take you through the entire Bible in a calendar year.

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Book-at-a-Time Plan

With a daily reading from the Old Testament and the New Testament, you’ll complete an entire book in each Testament before moving on to the next. The annual plan has 25 days of reading a month which gives room to flex, catch up, or meditate more deeply along the way.
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New Testament in a Year

The Foundations New Testament reading plan will take you through every chapter of the New Testament over the course of a year, with five readings a week (260 daily readings) and a suggested memory verse for the week, this is a great plan if you like to journal using the SOAP method.

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ESV Psalm-a-Day Plan

Read through the book of Psalms in 150 days with this chapter-a-day reading plan.

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2 Year Bible Reading plan 

The Gospel Coalition’s Two-Year Bible reading plan is designed to take you through the Old and New Testaments in two years and through the Psalms and Proverbs four times during that period. This plan pairs nicely with Gordon and Stuart’s guide, How to Read the Bible Book by Book.
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ESV Daily Bible Reading Plan

Four daily readings taken from four lists: Psalms and wisdom literature, Pentateuch and history of Israel, Chronicles and prophets, and Gospels and epistles.

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BibleProject Reading Plan

This plan incorporates over 150 animated videos to engage you in the Bible’s brilliant literary design and flow of thought. Choose this one-year reading plan for an epic learning journey that helps you experience the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus.

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ESV 6-Month New Testament Reading Plan

Read straight through the New Testament in six months by focusing on a short section each day.

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The Bible Recap

Do you want to read, understand, and love Scripture? This one-year chronological reading plan corresponds to The Bible Recap. In the podcast, video, or book form, Tara-Leigh Cobble highlights and summarizes each day’s Bible reading in a casual, easy to understand way. The Bible Recap will not only help you read scripture but help you love reading it!
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