At LifePark, Elders serve in support of the following areas:

  • Worship: Connecting people to God in Worship Services
  • Discipleship: Growing in the likeness of Jesus
  • Ministry: Serving together within the church
  • Evangelism and Missions: Sharing the Gospel
  • Personnel Team: Hiring and retaining those whom God has called
  • Finance: Stewarding God’s resources well
  • Leadership and Communications


  • Wade Allen 
  • Chris Whitaker
  • Jeremy Ellisor 
  • Paul Nodtvedt 
  • Matt Pinkel 
  • Erik Ripple 
  • Jay Velasquez 
  • Rick Redden
  • Kenny Caldwell 


Elders shall be selected from the male members of the Church and fully meet the qualifications described in 1 Timothy 3:1-7; 1 Peter 5:1-7, Titus 1:5-9 and Acts 20:28. The senior pastor shall be a voting ex-officio member of the presiding elders fulfilling the role of teaching elder.

Selection of additional presiding elders shall take place annually or at other times when the presiding elders determine that new presiding elders are needed. Candidates for elders shall be nominated by any member of the congregation for a period set by the presiding elders. Those nominated and expressing a willingness to be considered shall be carefully and prayerfully considered by the Nomination Review Committee. The Nomination Review Committee shall be comprised of three (3) members consisting of the chairman of the presiding elders, the chairman of the deacons and the senior pastor. The presiding elders will then evaluate the men approved by the Nomination Review Committee as to their conformance with the qualifications stated above. The presiding elders shall then submit to the congregation a list of men qualified to serve as elders corresponding to the number of open positions. Church members shall be given an opportunity to ask questions of elder nominees at any congregational gathering set by the presiding elders.  This list of prospective elders shall be posted for at least one (1) week in advance of a church vote and the congregation shall be notified of such posting. The vote will be conducted by ballot which shall be returned to the Church by a specified date.

Any nominee receiving at least seventy five percent (75%) affirmative votes of the votes cast for each nominee by the members of the congregation shall be confirmed for service as an elder. Newly elected presiding elders shall be ordained and installed by the Church prior to the beginning of their service as presiding elders.  The ballots shall be counted by the Nomination Review Committee.

The presiding elders, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the inspired Word of God, are responsible for leading and shepherding the flock (1 Peter 5:1-3; Acts 20:28) and guarding the reputation and doctrinal integrity of the Church. Duties of the presiding elders include (but are not limited to the following):

  1. Exercising shepherding care over the Church;
  2. Establishing vision, values and strategic plans for the Church;
  3. Exercising oversight of church financial, business and property matters;
  4. Hearing and considering all reports and recommendations submitted by pastors, councils, committees and staff as well as creating and overseeing any and all councils and committees, standing or ad hoc, required to carry out essential activities of the Church;
  5. Approving those who serve in church leadership and serving positions, including any position on a council or committee;
  6. Assisting the senior pastor in the administration of church ordinances and ministries;
  7. Convening an ordination council and upon their unanimous recommendation, the Church shall ordain men whom God has called to the ministry;
  8. Disciplining any pastor or minister ordained by The Church at LifePark, including, if necessary, revocation of their ordination;
  9. Providing spiritual leadership for the Church when it is without a senior pastor.

The leading body of the Church shall be known as the presiding elders (the elders). The presiding elders are overseers in a position of leadership and are accountable to the Church. The presiding elders shall consist of a minimum of six (6) elected elders, plus the senior pastor. The maximum number of presiding elders shall be determined by the presiding elders according to need and the availability of qualified men. Presiding elders shall serve staggered three-year terms. The terms will begin as soon as ordination and/or installation procedures are completed.  Men who have previously served as presiding elders at the Church will remain elders. They shall be a resource to be called upon and may attend any meeting of the presiding elders and provide input but shall not have a vote as a presiding elder. A presiding elder may not serve as an active deacon.