LifePark is currently exploring options for global connections and partnerships for future short term trip opportunities. Please check back in the near future to see more of LifePark’s global ministries and initiatives.

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Mission Champions

Every LifePark group has at least one mission champion who acts as the main point of communication between the group and the church and helps keep the group living missionally.

God has planned for and called all of us to be a part of local and global missions. We are created to live for something larger than ourselves. Therefore, we choose to participate with God in his bigger story — God’s plan to bring redemption and restoration to all peoples, whether they are across the street or around the globe. Lifepark believes that life is better together, and that includes doing evangelism and mission! We are better evangelists and better missionaries when we serve together.

LifeGroups form a superb environment to do evangelism and mission together. But knowing how and where a group should begin to join what God is doing in the world is often complicated because of the many variables such as timing, schedules, interests, abilities, personalities, experiences, etc. How does a group begin?

Enter the Mission Champion, or MC. An MC is someone with a heart to see their LifeGroup serving on mission together. Because the MC is a member of that group, he/she knows the group dynamics and understands its unique mix of gifts and passions, as well as its limitations. The MC also understands the challenges facing the group that must be overcome in order for the group to serve together. The primary objective of the MC is to work through the obstacles and help the group live on mission together, whether that means serving local or global, or perhaps both.

Role Description

  • Be the primary point of communication between LifeGroup and the church for evangelism and mission opportunities.
  • Help the LifeGroup identify the intersection of passion and purpose in which God has specifically gifted and called the group to serve.
  • Mobilize the LifeGroup to be equipped and engaged in the local and global E&M of the church.
  • Provide feedback from the LifeGroup to the E&M staff.


  • Each LifeGroup of LifePark will have one designated Mission Champion (MC) who acts as the primary mobilizer of the group for all things E&M related.
  • MC’s are ideally not the group leader, but rather one of the regular group members.
  • The MC commits to serve for a 1 year, or for the duration of the life cycle of the LifeGroup if shorter than 1 year.
  • The MC is trained and equipped by the E&M staff of LifePark for this role.
  • The quarterly training is conducted by the E&M staff at LifePark Church.
Who We Are

Ou mission and vision is to proclaim the arrival of God’s Kingdom and work for measurrable change among the lost and oppressed.


Evangelism and Mission is one of the three primary values of LifePark. It is Gospel-Centered, Holistic in Nature and LifeGroup led.

What We Do

As a community, we are committed to service—to moving our resources and ourselves in response to human needs. Evangelism and Mission is about caring for what God cares about most.