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  • Children are important; they matter to God. Children are people too and they do matter to God. God loves each and every child and they must know that.
  • Child-centered ministry; not adult centered. Every aspect of KidsPark (environment, activities, teaching, story-telling, curriculum, puppetry, drama, etc) must be age specific and reflect the importance of the child; leaders must strive to understand the child’s world to effectively relate to them.
  • Creativity. It is crucial to attract and hold a child’s attention; what good is teaching from the best book ever written (Bible) if the children do not understand it? Without compromising the truths and promises of God, we use creativity as a ‘WOW’ factor.
  • Be Relational, not just Informational. Leaders serving in KidsPark must build trust with the children; be models of love and tolerance. Discipleship is where this begins; small groups led by men and women who pour into each child the love of Jesus Christ.