Greetings Parents,

We are bringing back kids to KidsPark with limited occupancy and with safety as our utmost concern. Check out the KidsPark web page for our reentry plan. We will continue to have KidsPark programming online for the foreseeable future, as well. I pray this material is helpful and provides the necessary tools to teach your children the Lesson at home.

What is provided?

  • Song – ‘Go Make Disciples’
  • Bible Story – ‘The Last Supper’
  • Kids On Mission – ‘Away From It All’
  • Questions From Kids
  • Song – ‘Nothing is Impossible’


* Younger Page – K5 – 2nd Grade
* Older Page – 3rd thru 5th Grade

Let me know if I, or my KidsPark team, can be of further help to you and your family during these trying times. You all are in my prayers!

Pastor Mike


As the Passover celebration drew near, Jerusalem hummed with excitement. Everyone wondered if Jesus – teacher, miracle-worker, and prophet – would come for Passover. ( John 11:56-57) The Passover meal was a permanent statute God intended for every Israelite family to observe each year. ( Exodus 12:1-28; Lev. 23:5-8) But it was no secret that religious leaders were determined to kill Jesus. Jesus had warned His disciples what would happen this Passover. ( Mark 10:33-34; Luke 18:31)

As they ate the Passover meal, Jesus broke bread and gave it to His disciples. He shared the cup with them too, explaining that the bread and cup represented His body and blood. Jesus established a new covenant.

In the Old Testament, God made a covenant, or promise, with His people. He gave them commandments to follow so they could live in right relationship with Him. But God’s people broke the covenant.

They didn’t obey God, and they didn’t love Him.

What the sacrifice of the Passover lamb could not do – take away sins once and for all – the perfect Lamb of God was going to do. Jesus, the perfectly sinless Son of God, was going to take the punishment for sin upon Himself. ( Hebrews 10:1-10) A s Jesus’ disciples prepared for Passover, Jesus prepared to die. By dying on the cross, Jesus brought forgiveness and made the way for people to know and love God again.

Believers take the Lord’s Supper to remember what Jesus did for us in His death and resurrection. We remember God’s faithfulness, and we look forward to the day that Jesus will return.

Many children are not ready to take the Lord’s Supper at church. Explain to your children that the Lord’s Supper, like baptism, is an ordinance of the church and is a celebration for those who have repented of their sin and trusted in Jesus for Salvation.