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The Church at Lifepark takes the safety and security of our WonderPark kids very seriously. The following practices and procedures have been adopted to reduce the potential harm to any child, as we strive for excellence in ministry to all children.

  • All adult volunteers in WonderPark must complete an application and a pass security background check.
  • All adult volunteers who serve within WonderPark must attend the child protection training class offered by the church. (Reducing the Risk) and will receive training on working children who need accommodations.
  • No adult or teen is to be alone in a restroom with a child. Adults and teens are unable to change diapers of children who are not in Noah’s Park. If a child is older than pre-school a parent will be asked to come and change the child’s diaper/undergarments.
  • No adult or teen volunteer is to be alone in a room with a child.
  • No child can be released to a parent or sibling without a matching printed tag (issued at check-in).
  • Physical touch is appropriate when it is non-demanding, gentle touch to the shoulders, hands, arms, head, or back. Volunteers are unable to physically restrain a child. If needed, parents will be asked to assist the volunteer.
  • Lifepark does have a medical team available for emergency situations. WonderPark does not have a nurse on staff and cannot administer medication or handle medical equipment.
  • WonderPark will respect all conversations between parents and coordinator as sensitive and private.
  • All parents of special needs will be required to sign a consent to participate form which will promote a safe environment for the children and volunteers.
  • To ensure the safety of each child, parents are required to keep phone visible during service so that the WonderPark coordinator can reach the parent.

WonderPark will build a unique plan with each family that addresses the special needs of each indivdiual.


The Church at LifePark takes the safety and security of our children very seriously. Read more about our practices and procedures.


We request that each parent complete this questionnaire so we can begin building a unique plan to accommodate your child’s needs.