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WonderPark, The Church at LifePark’s special needs ministry, will develop an accommodation plan with each family concerning the individual with special needs. It is important to note that the special needs program is not intended to follow school accommodation plans but to allow families to participate in worship service while ministering to the special needs individual. The special needs program is a safe and nurturing environment where the love of Christ is made known by our special needs coordinator and trained volunteers. Volunteers schedules may fluctuate so families will need to be patient and understanding when one particular volunteer is unavailable.

  • One on one Assistant (Buddy system): The church will provide a buddy to accompany the child with special needs during the allotted ministry setting where there are other children and adults. Inclusion being the goal.
  • Hybrid approach: The church will follow the buddy system while also providing a self-contained special needs room that will be available when the inclusion setting is no longer benefiting the child. The adult volunteer, along with another middle or high school volunteer may find it necessary to transition to the self-contained setting.
  • Self-Contained Setting: The Special needs room will be a setting where the assigned adult volunteer, middle or high school volunteer, and child can participate together doing alternate activities as well as a modified Bible lesson, singing and praying. The structure of this classroom will be individualized to meet the needs of the child. The child will have two buddies if it is deemed necessary to use the self-contained setting.

Our WonderPark team will build a unique plan with each family that addresses the special needs of each indivdiual.


The Church at LifePark takes the safety and security of our children very seriously. Read more about our practices and procedures.


We request that each parent complete this questionnaire so we can begin building a unique plan to accommodate your child’s needs.