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The Church at LifePark takes the safety & security of our children very seriously. The following practices and procedures have been adopted to reduce the potential risks of any harm to any child, as we strive for excellence in ministry to children.

  • All adult volunteers in KidsPark must complete a Volunteer Application and pass a security background check.
  • All adult volunteers who serve children and teens must attend the child protection training class offered by the church (Reducing the Risk)

Appropriate Physical Touch

  1. Physical touch is appropriate when it is a non-demanding, gentle touch of the shoulders, hands, arms, head or back.
  2. Physical contact (see above) which express affirmation and is not for the satisfaction or pleasure of the volunteer.

Inappropriate Physical Touch

  1. Physical touch is NOT appropriate when it includes demanding hugs, kisses, touching the chest, genital regions, upper legs, buttocks, waist or stomach. It is not appropriate to sit a child in the center of your lap, stiing a child between your legs or seductive or suggestive contact (NO FULL FRONTAL CONTACT)
  2. Physical contact is not appropriate when used to express power or control over a child.
  3. If you witness any inappropriate behavior by another volunteer, report immediately to a KidsPark staff.
  • No child is to be released to an adult (or sibling) without a matching security number printed tag (issued at check-in)
  • No adult volunteer is to accompany a child into a restroom
  • No adult volunteer is to be alone in a room with children (2 adult/teen rule)

First Aid

  • For minor injuries, a first aid kit is available in the KP123 kitchen. Make sure to inform the KidsPark staff of any incidents.
  • For serious injuries, immediately inform KidsPark staff who will in-turn contact the Security Team.


  • Fire: Proceed to the stairs between KP 123 and KP 45; have a volunteer  inspect both rooms (and restrooms in KP 123) to insure no one is left behind. Proceed to lead the children to the open space across the parking lot in the front of the church. Do not release any child to their parents until all are accounted for (only then when they present their security sticker with matching number).
  • Active Shooter: if we are informed of an ‘active shooter’ situation in the building, follow these procedures: close (and lock/barricade) all doors to the hall and shut out the lights to darken rooms, be as quiet as possible (silence phones); wait for for further instructions from the ‘security team’
KidsPark Values

KidsPark teaches from ‘The Gospel Project for Kids’ curriculum, teaching kids the gospel and biblical concepts. The curriculum helps kids understand that the Bible is not just a collection of stories, but one unified story–God’s story of redemption.

Parent Resources

It is a privilege to minister to the children God brings us and we thank you as a parent for that opportunity. We want you to know that we take the safety and security of your child very seriously.


Want to look forward to have fun with kids and teaching them about God? KidsPark is always looking for adults and students (high school) who love God and want to invest in children. Could this be you?