2024 Summer Internships

Part-time (20 hours/week) – 10 weeks

December 1, 2023

Dear Prospective Intern,

Thank you for your interest in an internship with The Church at LifePark.  We believe this is a great opportunity for people who want to grow in their relationship with Christ, grow in leadership, engage in meaningful ministry through the local church, share Christ with others, and enjoy working in a Christ-centered work environment. Below you will find information about The Church at LifePark and internship goals and responsibilities. After you have read this information and are prayerful about this opportunity, please complete the employment application linked at the bottom of this page. Internship positions will be filled as applications are received, applicants are interviewed, and a viable candidate is identified.  You can read further about the application process below.

Please note that there are nine internships available in various ministry areas, listed below.

Again, thank you for your interest. I look forward to receiving your application.

In Christ’s Joy,

Rev. Noah Reid
Associate Pastor, Discipleship
The Church at LifePark

Summer 2024 Internship Opportunities

  1.  General Ministry Intern
  2.  Worship Intern
  3.  Student Ministry Intern
  4.  Noah’s Park (Preschool) Intern
  5.  KidsPark (1st-5th Grade) Intern
  6.  Host Ministry Intern
  7. Next Steps Intern
  8. Communications Intern

About LifePark’s Summer Internship Program

Equipping young leaders to serve Christ with integrity and excellence is a high calling. The Church at LifePark has identified a ministry imperative that has motivated our church to help raise up young leaders in the church.  During the summer LifePark offers college students and recent graduates the opportunity to devote a season of time to spiritual growth and self-discovery through service and study.


Throughout the internship, interns will be taught by LifePark pastors and leaders on topics such as Bible study methods, gospel-centered living, the local church, missions, spiritual gifts, worship, spiritual disciplines, leadership, and more. These teaching times are designed to equip interns with foundational truths that will build character and knowledge that is essential for their role as healthy members in a local church and community.

Practical Ministry

Interns will serve throughout the summer and will gain “hands-on” ministry experience.  Interns may also spend some time visiting other ministry areas in order to observe other opportunities within the church.  Interns may be asked to teach, train, lead, listen, observe, build, and connect in a variety of different ways.

The Main Things

The Great Commandment & the Great Commission fuel the work of our church. Interns can expect to grow closer to Christ through worship, fellowship, discipleship, serving in the church and evangelism. Jesus has called us to take the good news to people, in word and deed, and students will participate in local and regional mission opportunities.

We believe the primary context for life-change is within relationships. LifePark summer interns will have staff mentors and will be challenged to lead others throughout the summer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be an Intern?
Any recent college graduate or current college student who has completed their freshman year. 

What are the start and end dates of the 2024 summer internship?
May 19 – July 24, 2024

Is this a paid Internship?
Yes, LifePark will provide a stipend for the summer as well as cover the cost of ministry expenses throughout the semester.  (For out-of-town interns, we will also assist with finding a host home.)

How many hours per week is the Internship?
The internship will be approximately 20 hours a week and will be spread out throughout the week. This schedule will fluctuate based on evening and weekend responsibilities.  

Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings are required work times.  Other hours of an intern’s weekly schedule will be set by an intern’s direct supervisor.  

Can I work another job or take summer classes in addition to the Internship?
Ideally the internship works best when it receives focused attention as the primary focus for the intern.  However, if an intern desires to have another job or take classes that will not conflict with the internship, that is understandable. 

Do I have to currently attend or be a member of LifePark?
No, this internship is designed for all next generation leaders in the church. We feel compelled to help equip you regardless of where you attend church.  It is important to note that while an intern, you are asked to attend LifePark’s worship services throughout the summer.

Is this Internship just for future pastors or church leaders?
No, this internship is for college or graduate students who desire to grow in their understanding of Jesus, the church, and their role as a future part of Christ’s Kingdom.  We do however believe that this internship will be most valuable to those considering full time vocational ministry. This factor could come into play as we review candidates.

When is the deadline for the application? And when will interviews be held?
The application period will be from December 1, 2023, to January 31, 2024. However, a rolling deadline is in place until positions are filled or until the ministry leader removes the position.

After an application is received, the applicant will be contacted to schedule an interview. Most interviews are done over zoom. Please note that certain internships have been and can be competitive, and the fulfillment of a position will be at the discretion of each area’s supervisor. 

Other Internship Information

This Ministry Internship is designed to…
1. Provide valuable ministry experience.
2. Challenge leadership development and growth.
3. Help give clarity to a possible calling in ministry.
4. Connect interns with a community of pastors and ministers.
5. Deepen a love for Jesus and his church.

Specifics of the Internship…
1. Interns must be a Christian whose life reflects moral purity.
2. An intern should have a desire to serve God and influence others. 
3. The leadership at LifePark values the collective wisdom and work of teams, so interns will be working with a team where communication, honesty, and passion are all a high value.
4. The internship starts on May 19 and ends July 24. 
5. Interns will be paid at the rate of $14/hour over the 10 weeks.
6. Nine summer internships will be made available.

About the Church at LifePark

The Church at LifePark is located in Mount Pleasant, SC and has been in the community for over 12 years. The story of LifePark began with First Baptist Church of Mt. Pleasant, SC. In the 1979 the vision-minded congregation of FBC Mount Pleasant purchased 34 acres in the northern most part of the city limits, with the hopes of one day starting a new church to reach more people with the life-changing message of Jesus.  In the Spring of 2009, The Church at LifePark, First Baptist’s second campus, began meeting on Sunday nights at another church’s facility.  In March of 2010 the new facility for The Church at LifePark was opened in this now growing part of Mt. Pleasant.  On July 1, 2014, The Church at LifePark became an autonomous church and currently averages nearly 1,500 people on Sunday mornings.  

The Church at LifePark exists to make mature followers of Jesus Christ through knowing Christ, growing in community, and sharing the Gospel. 

 If you are interested, you can read more about beliefs on our website, www.churchatlifepark.org.


General Ministry Internship
This internship is designed to give an intern a broad experience that includes an introduction to the different ministry areas in a local congregation such as, but not limited to: children, students, hospitality, adult ministry, discipleship, church-planting, worship arts (music, audio, visual), pastoral care and more.)

  • Spend one week learning from staff in each department of the church
  • Lead a college summer LifeGroup
  • Meet with non-intern college students for discipleship
  • Participate in various trips with student ministry or children’s ministry

Noah’s Park Internship
Noah’s Park is the preschool ministry at LifePark.  Each Sunday morning we minister to over 150 preschool children, teaching them about Jesus and how they can follow Him.

  • Work with the Noah’s Park Ministry Director to learn how to care for and nurture our youngest future disciples
  • Spend time preparing throughout the week for Sunday ministry
  • Execute Sunday morning ministry by teaching lessons and singing (if you like to)
  • Empower volunteers to use their gifts to minister to children
  • Play a key role in making Vacation Bible School a huge success
  • Grow in your ability to communicate with adults by talking to parents
  • Spread the love of Jesus with preschool children

KidsPark Internship
KidsPark is the 5K-5th grade ministry at LifePark.  Each Sunday morning we minister to over 150 1st-5th grade children, teaching them about Jesus and how they can follow Him.    

  • Work with the KidsPark Ministry Director and team to learn how to care for and nurture these young followers
  • Spend time preparing throughout the week for Sunday ministry
  • Execute Sunday morning ministry by teaching lessons and singing (if you like to)
  • Empower volunteers to use their gifts to minister to children
  • Play a key role in making Vacation Bible School a huge success
  • Grow in your ability to talk with adults by communicating with parents
  • Spread the love of Jesus with children
  • Help plan and execute 3rd-5th grade camp

Student Ministry Internship
Student Ministry is a vibrant part of church life at LifePark.  Interns who serve with students will have hands-on experience in a ministry that is serious about reaching and growing students. Some opportunities may include:

  • Building relationships with students and become a friend and leader in their lives
  • Teaching in formal and informal environments about Christ and His Word
  • Participating and leading on two summer trips – a summer camp with middle school students & mission trip with high school students
  • Experiencing a team approach to student ministry and have a voice in the conversation
  • Having fun as you minister to students and families & using your gifts and talents to minister

Worship Internship:
Worship is central to the mission of the church. Our goal is to foster a culture of worship that celebrates who God is and what He has done. Interns will have the opportunity to receive teaching and hands-on experience cultivating a lifestyle of worship in their personal lives as well as contributing to the church wide worship experience on a weekly basis. This internship will:

  • Challenge you to grow in your personal worship
  • Build relationships with Worship Ministry Staff/Volunteers
  • Participate in creative team worship planning meetings 
  • Use your gifts and talents to contribute to successful weekly worship experiences
  • Acquire experience and knowledge working in church worship ministry

Host Ministry Internship
This internship is designed to give an intern a hands-on experience with all elements of church hospitality as well as working with and leading Teams of volunteers to practice hospitality as we grow together spiritually.

  • Evaluate practices of church hospitality.
  • Create plans to help Host Teams serve together for worship services.
  • Design effective communication.
  • Update and improve resource materials.

Next Steps Internship

Next Steps is a ministry that encourages people to connect with the ministries of the church.  We are here to get people connected through Lifegroups, Mentoring, Membership, Baptism, and serving. This intern will:

  • Work with the Next Steps Director in building community with our guests/members, making personal connections and making them feel welcome
  • Welcome guests/members each Sunday with a warm mile and answer any questions they may have about church with a goal of making connections and taking their next spiritual step
  • Spend time during the week preparing for Sunday
  • Build verbal communication skills through speaking with people on Sunday mornings, staff members throughout the week and written communication ills through emails as well as ongoing communication with in the church and following up with guests/members
  • Prepare for LifePark Connect (Membership Class) meetings
  • Serve and spread the love of Jesus to the people at The Church at Lifepark.

Communications Internship
The goal of the communications internship is to help the Communications Director support and maintain the vision and purpose of The Church at LifePark through all of the communication mediums we employ. The right candidate is seeking a degree in Communications or a related field, is savvy on all social media platforms and has experience in photography and web design. The right candidate also has strong writing, spelling and grammar skills. The ideal intern is personable, articulate, self-motivated, and works well within a team.

  • The intern will assist in capturing and cataloging photos and videos on Sunday mornings as well as events throughout the week.
  • They will help create and schedule stories, posts and reels for social media.
  • They will help keep the website up to date with events and ministry activities.
  • They will assist with creating and editing graphics.
  • They will help produce and send weekly email newsletter(s).

Church’s Official Job Description
All LifePark summer interns will work closely with their direct reports in each ministry area.  Interns will glorify God and passionately serve His church by ministering and implementing programs of ministry for The Church at LifePark.  The primary responsibility of a Summer Intern will be to learn and serve. 
The ministry plan will be consistent with The Church at LifePark mission.  The mission is pursued through programs and activities in four areas including corporate worship, organized ministry, relational small groups and evangelistic outreach.  

  • The General Ministry intern will report to the Associate Pastor, Discipleship.
  • The Worship intern will report to the Associate Pastor, Worship.
  • The Host Ministry intern will report to the Host Ministry Director. 
  • The Student interns will report to the Director of Student Ministries. 
  • The Noah’s Park intern will report to the Noah’s Park Ministry Director.
  • The KidsPark intern will report to the KidsPark Ministry Director.
  • The Next Steps intern will report to the Next Steps Director.
  • The Communications intern will report to the Communications Director.

*The internship program as a whole is under the supervision of the Associate Pastor, Discipleship.

If you have any questions about the internship, please reach out to Noah Reid, Associate Pastor, Discipleship at noah.reid@lifeparkmp.org 

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