If you have an upcoming event or promotion that will be hosted at The Church at LifePark, please complete this communication form to ensure we can properly assist you with all promotional media. Please be sure you have a completed and approved a facility request prior to submitting the communication request form.


Do you need creative design to help you spread the word across our marketing channels? This request includes creation of graphic design (postcards, t-shirts, etc.), video and photography. Please complete this form in advance and we can help you design materials that are consistent with LifePark brand and design guidelines.

How does your promotional and marketing materials make it from “idea to design?” This short step-by-step document will walk you through how we create, design and schedule promotional announcements. We strongly encourage you (and your ministry team) to get familiar with this process before you submit your requests.

The Church at LifePark Branding Identity Guidelines system has been developed to accurately reflect our character and consistently express what makes us unique. This guide introduces the visual tools we use to build the LifePark brand: our logo, color palette, typography, imagery, and graphic devices. It provides simple and straightforward instructions on how to apply them in all print and digital communications. It also helps us write clear and consistent content across ministry teams and marketing channels. Please follow the standards in this document to ensure we keep the brand strong, reinforce a positive image, and contribute to the future of our brand reputation.