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In today’s culture, it is easy to forget that God originally designed us to share our lives with others. In fact, community and relationships are vital to us as people. God created us to have fellowship with him first, and then with each other to share the joys and struggles of life. We want to celebrate and struggle together. In this, we keep growing.

We believe that God creates all people for great things and the richness of Grace. The closer we grow towards Christ, the more these things will be revealed to us. At LifePark, as a community of believers, we hope to be a catalyst for growth — helping people become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ — who live transformed lives of obedience to Christ in every facet of life.

In this freedom, we know growth and fullness of life happened. Whether you’re a member or just visiting, we would love for you to check out opportunities to plug in and join us as we grow together.

Our desire is to see everyone grow in Christ, build life-giving relationships, and share their faith with others. There are three different types of Groups at LifePark: Classes, LifeGroups, and Mentoring groups.
At LifePark, we are serious about providing a network of ministries, helpful resources, trained volunteers, and professional counselors to help you move forward.
Mentoring at LifePark takes place in 2 ways: Radical Mentoring (Titus 2 Mentoring for women) and One on One mentoring. Radical Mentoring and Titus 2 Mentoring are nine-month spiritual growth programs. One on One mentoring is designed to help you through a difficult season in life or provide practical wisdom for living.