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While we continue to navigate this season there are several ways that you can join in on the mission of LifePark to reach people with the Gospel through our local outreach partnerships. To help organize opportunities, we have categorized them into “Sending Steps”:

  1. Pray: are partnerships that you can pray for. Some generic prayer needs have been listed.
  2. Give: are partnerships that you can contribute (monetary or material donations) to. Some of those needs have been listed below.
  3. Go: are partnerships that you can actively serve with.

Most of these partners require preliminary paperwork in order to serve with them. You can find the required paperwork by clicking on the specific outreach, or by visiting our local outreach page.

Partners you can Pray for, Give to and Go:

  • Hope to Home is fully functioning. You can pray for protection of their volunteers and clients, for the continuation of hope for clients as the continue their transition into a new life during this crazy season. Giving needs are mostly material through furniture donations or hygienic home cleaning materials. Service opportunities are on Saturday, and you can serve individually or with a group!
  • Seafarers of Charleston is fully functioning. You can pray for the protection of the crews and longshoremen/women during the pandemic. You can also pray for the crew’s families. You can contribute to their ministry through monetary donations , and can sign up to serve on our website. You can find the onboarding process here! Please contact Rick Lhotan or Ken Mason for help navigating the process.
  • East Cooper Community Outreach (ECCO) is fully functioning. You can pray for the needs of their clients as they continue to try to make it through this pandemic, you can pray for the safety of their staff and volunteers as they continue to serve faithfully for those around them. You can give by donating food for their monthly drive-thru farmer’s market or making a monetary donation directly to them through their website. You can sign up to serve on their website by filling out this form. Email Rick Lhotan if you’re serving as a group, because there are specific group instructions to follow.
  • Windwood Farms itself is functioning normally, but has limited access to the farm in order to protect the boys so our outreach looks different than usual. You can pray for the boys as they continue to receive care and services. You can give by giving directly to the farm on their website.

Partners you can Pray for and Give to:

  • Lowcountry Pregnancy Center is functioning in limited capacity. They are continuing to offer their services to those in need. You can pray for them as they continue to minister and care to young families or young couples that are unexpectantly expecting. You can give to them by donating diapers to their diaper bank. For more information, reach out to Rick Lhotan or Cindy Gaskins
  • East Cooper Meals on Wheels is functioning in a limited capacity. They are still delivering food for free to over 300 individuals in our local community. They have shifted their operations to be a drop off of a weeks’ worth of food, once a week to limit the interaction between clients (who are mostly at risk) and the outside world. You can pray for protection of their at risk clients. You can give to them by donating directly to the organization; $3 will provide one meal.
  • Feeding the Hungry is operating in a very limited capacity. They have shifted operations to a bag lunch drop off in order to meet the hunger needs of the homeless while protecting both volunteers and clients. You can pray for the homeless that they would feel the presence of Christ during this crazy time, and that more individuals in Charleston would care for our needy. Reach out to Jeff Schrupp to inquire about what donations are needed as they tend to fluctuate.

Partners you can Pray for:

  • Good News Bible Clubs have transitioned into virtual groups for the fall semester! Pray for our local schools and the people who visit them every day! Pray that students would be receptive to our ministry. Pray that teachers would find peace in a chaotic season. Pray for Mike and the Good News Bible Club team as they enter into an interesting ministry season.

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