LifePark is committed to your safety. In keeping with local, state and national health guidelines, the church has implemented safety procedures to ensure our congregation, guests and staff have a safe, friendly experience.

We encourage you to read through our LifePark policies and procedures for all guests:

  • To ensure the highest level of safety, The Church at LifePark requires all staff, volunteers and guests wear a mask inside our LifePark East facility. Please secure the mask over your mouth and nose.
  • LifePark West offers a mask optional livestream of our live worship services. The livestream is available at 8:30 a.m., 10:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.
  • Per CDC guidelines, social distancing is encouraged at a recommended 6 feet (more instructions will be available upon entering the building).
  • Seating will be limited, so arrive at least 15-20 minutes prior to the scheduled service time in which you plan to attend.
  • Seating selection will be determined by LifePark ushers exclusively. Seating guidelines are consistent with social distancing and safety guidelines, as recommended by the CDC.
  • Additional seating will be made available in LifePark West. Guests in LifePark West will be able to view the stream of the live service being held in LifePark East in real-time.
  • We encourage all guests to bring pocket hand sanitizer for your convenience.
  • No refreshments (coffee, water, etc.) will be available.
  • To limit the number of touches, LifePark will not hand out bulletins or sermon notes, however, our sermon notes will be available in digital format and accessible online.
  • Bathroom facilities will be available in LP East and West. The facilities will be sanitized between each service.

Due to the rapidly changing information, we encourage you to stay connected for the latest updates. You can sign up for our email newsletter by texting “LIFEPARK” to 22828, follow us on social media (@LifeParkMP). If you have already signed up for our newsletter, it is not necessary to do anything further.


The Church at LifePark has also compiled a list of policies and procedures for KidsPark and Noah’s Park that we hope will help you safely navigate reentry. We are confident this information will ensure a safe, simple transition. Please read through these guidelines carefully.


  • Please arrive early. Space will be limited due to recommended social distancing policies per the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
  • When arriving at the church we encourage you to park in the LifePark West parking lot (beside the Noah’s Park playground)
  • Temperature checks will be done prior to entering the church. Our temperature checkpoint will be located behind LifePark East (look for the tent).
  • If there is a temperature above 100.4 (per CDC), the individual will not be allowed into our children’s areas (please read our wellness and COVID-19 policies for more details).
  • Once you have had your temperature taken and are below the set temperature – please take a sticker to show that you have passed through this checkpoint area.
  • Parents are not allowed in the classrooms.
  • One parent/family member will be allowed to enter each of the Noah’s Park and KidsPark areas for drop off and pickup

Health / Safety Procedures

  • Masks are required for adults and volunteers inside the church (masks will be available, if needed). In addition, the CDC recommends children to wear a mask. Noah’s Park will require all children in their 3’s or 4’s wear a mask in the classroom.
  • Elementary age children will be required to wear masks all morning inside the building. Kindergarten and 1st grade will be able to remove masks once seated at partitioned tables.
  • Noah’s Park + KidsPark will be limiting class sizes due to social distancing requirements. Noah’s Park and KidsPark will limit class sizes to 50% of our pre-COVID space.

Classroom Safety Procedures

  • Classrooms, toys, and surfaces will be sanitized before, in between, and after the services.
  • Sanitizing stations will be available outside Noah’s Park and KidsPark areas
  • Children ages two and above will sanitize their hands upon entering the classrooms.
  • There will be marked areas to allow for social distancing as you drop-off and pick-up your child. Please socially distance where you can inside/outside the church.
  • Traffic inside Noah’s Park: We will be limiting the number of families down the hall at one time due to limited space.
  • Upon entering Noah’s Park we ask that you walk down the left side near the stage and allow Exiting parents/families to walk along the Right Side.
  • Traffic for KidsPark: There will be one way UP the stairs to KidsPark near the Noah’s Park entrance. There will be a one way DOWN from KidsPark at the opposite stairwell near the main offices.
  • Noah’s Park and KidsPark will not be offering snacks in our classrooms. We ask that you do not send food with your child. The exception will be for babies with bottles in the nursery.
  • There will be no water fountain use at this time inside the building.
  • Each hour will have their own personal supplies for craft. At the end of the hour, the supplies will be put in a “dirty” bin, and they will be cleaned and will not be used again that day.

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