It’s almost GO TIME! We are so excited to cheer you on as we welcome a launch week in Adult Discipleship.

You’ve studied, you’ve invited, you’ve prayed, you’ve prepped. This week, the fun begins! Noah, Maresa, and I want to help you have your best season yet with your LifeGroup or class.

One of the keys to a strong finish is to begin well.  Take a moment to review these tips that will set your group up for success:

  • Plan well for your first meeting. Your group’s first gathering can set the tone for the semester ahead. It never hurts to have a plan mapped out to model for your group what a typical gathering will look like and set expectations for group members. For example, if you start and end on time, you’ll win the trust of your group members to know you’ll honor their time. If you include everyone in on the conversation and make sharing easy, members will feel comfortable sharing in the future. We all like to know where we’re going, so give your group an overview of what you plan to study and goals you have for the group’s growth spiritually. Be sure to check out this handout and feel free to share it with your group at your first gathering to help set expectations.
  • Extra Tip: If you’re meeting at LifePark, be sure to check out your room assignment and ensure the room has what you need if you’re using monitors or media, be it online or via DVD. HDMI cables are always harder to find day of … We welcome you to take a peek at your room this weekend to ensure you’ll have what you need for your group from a technology standpoint. We’ll take care of the chairs when we set up on Sunday afternoons.

  • Welcome your group members. By now, all your group members should have received a welcome text, phone call and/or email from you. Perhaps you’ve already met them in the Well on a Sunday morning. If not, you still have a few more days to reach out and make sure they know your group details (day, time, location, study, meals, anything new), etc. We also hope to see many people signing up this weekend, so watch your inbox for new members if your group is still open.
  • Stay in touch with them. Remind (but don’t annoy) your group members so they don’t miss your first meeting. Let them hear your excitement about what’s ahead for them this year. Encourage them to ask questions and pray for your new members — connecting into a group may be slightly scary for them.
  • Stay in touch with us. Report back to Noah or myself with any questions or changes. We are here to help. Not sure of your room location? Need to make a change with your group’s child care needs? Have a prayer request? Need a study recommendation? It is a joy to assist and pray for you!
  • Delegate. Remember, delegating helps avoid burnout. Things like social meet-ups, prayer captain, missions champion, even teaching a lesson or two can be delegated as you prayerfully discern who in your group is waiting for your invite to do more.
  • Slow down and prepare your own heart. You’ve heard it before and it bears repeating: you can’t give your group what you don’t have. Be sure to take time throughout launch week and this fall to open your heart to Jesus. Meditate on God’s Word for YOU in daily personal time (aside from your group study prep time). Let Him speak to you as His adored child and think about how cherished you are. Ask Him to fill you up so the living Gospel will flow through you to your group members. This could be the MOST important part of preparing to lead a group!
  • Surrender. Ultimately, this is not your group. Much like our children, who are created by their Heavenly Father and given to us to shepherd and train, your group members belong to God. Yes, God has entrusted their hearts to you to diligently plant seeds for a season. But others will water these seeds and God alone will produce the fruit.

We are rooting (and praying) for you guys! Let us know how your launch goes. We look forward to celebrating all God will do in your groups this spring.


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