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After a wonderful week of ministry we had a day to enjoy the city and each other’s company.

This morning in her devotion Roanna reminded us that we should always take the opportunity to share Christ in our daily walk. This was a healthy reminder for the day. It would be easy to say to ourselves, “Our work for the week is done.” But, there are always those who God brings into our path that need to find the joy of living in Christ, that need encouragement to continue being faithful to Him, or that need to be confronted about an area of disobedience in their life.

I used Roanna’s devotion as motivation to speak to each person I had an opportunity to discuss their relationship to Christ. I needed to be motivated to share the gospel at every opportunity.

There are several other takeaways from the team members that I asked them to share with me as they looked back over the week.

“Guatemala is an amazing country filled with beautiful people,” said Stacey.

She feels that she would like to return once she has learned a little more Spanish so that she could be even more effective. As a request, she feels that her ability to pray publicly for each other and her confidence to share God’s Holy Word grew by being on mission this week.

Roanna had to battle through some health issues and inspire of them did an amazing job sharing her testimony at the women’s event that the ladies lead on Thursday. This was such an important session because in many places the women do not get to participate and Roanna’s participation was important in drawing the women together. She now knows to stay vigilant when it comes to her diet. She also feels that it is very important to not hold back when she is being lead by the Spirit to speak when visiting in homes because she can identify with so many of the women especially that we visited.

Their sentiments express those of the group to a great extent. We all want to be more courageous when it comes to sharing our faith and to be better equipped to do so. But, we also saw God work through use to encourage many believers in their faith and to help the local pastors grow their ministries. To God be the glory for the great things He has done and thanks to Him for allowing us to be a part of it.

Peter exhorts us all:

But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. — 1 Peter 3:15

Let this be the theme of us all.



John Paul lead us in a devotional of Psalm 121.

We spent the day in San Andres Itzapa where we meant Pastor Apolinario with 10 woman from the local community including his wife (Maria), daughter (Dora) and two woman (Gladys and Maria) we ministered to on visits in the past days.

The women sang “How Great Thou Art” and “A Friend we have in Jesus.” We attempted to sing two songs to them, which was the first verse and chorus  of “Amazing Grace” and “How Great Thou Art.” It was cool hearing the songs in Spanish and English though. We shared scripture (Proverbs 31:10-30) to encourage them and lift them up as woman of God and Regina shared how we are all significant in God’s eyes and how we can be a witness to our families and God using us to further his kingdom.

Stacey led a craft afterwards. The women were able to color an image to help them remember the story. This allowed time for relaxation  and fellowship while coloring pictures of the Samaritan Woman and Jesus at the Well. The sheets had scripture written in Spanish on the back, for them to take home and share.

Roanna shared her testimony and how she can relate to the woman at the well and how God has forgiven her of her past and is now using her to share her testimony to others. Angie also shared her testimony, encouraging the women that God may answer our prayers differently than we wanted, but his plan is still good.

We closed our beautiful time with a celebration of Cake from a local bakery!

God really moved all our hearts with this special time of unity.



We began our day off with Hillary leading us in devotions from I Corinthians chapter 13.  We focused on loving others in Christ instead of what we are bringing to the table.  Then, we revisited the town of San Andres Itzapa where we had served on Monday. Pastor Apolinario and David led us to many families where we prayed for their specific needs.  There were many hurting people that we were able to pray for and encourage.

One particular young man named Louis had been paralyzed after a customer had shot him in his back. He is a believer in Christ and his positive attitude encouraged us greatly. He serves in the church by playing the piano. Please pray that he can use his testimony to bring others to Christ. Please pray for his mother Esperanza as well. She is truly devoted to taking care of her son.

We also visited another family (Ruth and Romelio) who had just lost their infant son and were grieving. Their pain was heartbreaking and we prayed over them. Please pray that their other daughter can receive treatment for her severe asthma.

Pastor Apolinario and his family fed us a Guatemalan lunch of chicken, tortillas and rice.  He asked for prayers as he has led this church for 28 years. They have 80 members but there are so many in his community that do not know Jesus. Please pray for this community. We ended our day with fellowship at David and Regina White’s home.

We are looking forward to to serving the women of the community tomorrow.

Please continue to pray for our team members.



The day started with Stacy providing a wonderful devotion on John chapter 15, “The Vine and the Branches.”

After the devotion and prayer, we traveled about 30 minutes outside Antiqua to a little town called Parramos. Here we spent the day at a Christian school and church named the Templo Evangelico Bautista Nazareth (Nazareth Baptist Evangelical Temple), run by Pastor Juan Sicay, or as he preferred to be called, Pastor John.

Pastor John welcomed and thanked us for coming and provided a brief overview of the church and school. He informed us that the school was made up of about 125 students between kindergarten and the 7th grade. He also told us that only about 30% of the students, as well as their parents were actually believers who had accepted God and Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. As such he asked that we would pray for the church, the school and the town. That being said, I would ask all who are reading this to join us in praying for Pastor John, the church, the school and the town on Parramos.

While at the school we got to spend about 45 minutes with four different grade groups, telling bible stories, teaching English and playing games. It was truly a most amazing and wonderful time.

The first group was a combination of both 6th and 7th graders in which I had the privilege and pleasure of leading us off by telling the story of “The image of gold and the blazing furnace.” Also know as the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego out of the book of Daniel. Providing the lesson on serving and worshiping the one and only true God.

Next Anjanette spent some time teaching English through sound recognition using the first letter of the students first name to come up with another English word that began with a similar sound. Something like Jeff and Jeep.

The next grade group was the kindergartners. The most precious and sweet group of children. With this group, Roanna told the story of David and Goliath and then followed that up by having the students act it out.

After completing the story, Roanna, Anjanette and Stacy led the whole group singing “Jesus Loves Me” having the students do it in both English and Spanish.

Next came the 4th and 5th graders. Here again I had the privilege and pleasure of telling a Bible story, this time the “Unmerciful Servant” out of the book of Matthew. Like the kindergarteners, after telling the story we had the students act it out, teaching first hand the lesson on forgiveness.

After the story, John Paul provided a quick lesson on believing in Jesus which is offered as a free gift to be received and not earned.

Next Anjanette taught and played a game called 4 corners. Each corner of the room was given a word, in this case “Christian”, “Eternal Life”, “Cross” and “Salvation.” One person would close their eyes and count to ten (in English), while the students would make their way to one of the corners. After the count, the person would call out one of the words and all the students in that corner would have to sit down. This would be repeated until one student was left standing and a winner of the game was identified. Each of the words were always spoken in English as an additional way of teaching English.

Last was the 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders. With this group Stacy told the story “Jesus Forgives and Heals a Paralyzed Man,” out of the book of Mark. Again after telling the story, the students acted the story out, teaching the lesson on faith.

Last but least we again played the game “4 Corners” this time using the words “Read the Bible”, “Pray”, “The Cross” and “Worship.”

After leaving the school, we then made a house visit to a women named Marta who had recently lost a child shortly after giving birth. Marta says she has accepted Christ, however does attend church. This visit was handled by the women on the team in which they were able to minister and pray over Marta.

Last, we ended the day by John Paul providing a wonderful devotion using Philippians chapter 3.



Hola from Guatemala!

On Monday, we had the privilege to visit six homes with the local pastor. The people were very welcoming. We were able to listen to their situations, encourage them with Bible verses and pray over their families.

These Guatemalans are challenged with many different issues. One man, Carlos, had an injury at the construction site and now he has a broken leg which needs surgery and has seizures. He will be waiting months in pain for a surgeon. Another man, Abraham, went blind from diabetes and has heart problems, yet he continues to minister on the local radio. At another home we met a woman named Gladys. Her husband was caught trying to come to America and now is detained. She has to encourage their three boys daily while worrying about him.

Other families are asking for prayer. The Believers want their children to accept Jesus and break the bondage of alcohol abuse. Others need healing from diabetes. A young woman is nervous about delivering her second child which is due any day now.

I urge you to join with us in prayer over them and their needs. God is at work here! In each home we felt God’s presence and Him using us. I personally felt the Holy Spirit giving me scripture to share and the words to say.

For our team, many of us have never been on a mission trip. So this was an eye opener. These people need the Lord and His blessed assurances.

God closed our day with a display of His power. We saw one of the volcanos erupting.

Thank you for joining with us as we continue to spread hope and encouragement in Guatemala.



We have made it to Guatemala and it is beautiful.

Our first day we got settled, spent some time with the (David and Regina) White and prepared for the time ahead.

We were all up by 3 a.m. our time which is 1 a.m. Guatemala time so we were in need of a little rejuvenation.

We enjoyed walking around Antigua and getting ourselves acquainted with such an old and beautiful city. We ate at a place called Pollo Comparo where half the team found their new favorite chicken wing spot.

Please pray for us as we make visits today in an area our church has never been to. Ask that the Holy Spirit would move in people’s hearts, including our own.

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