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The Church at LifePark is partnered with The Church of the Harbor to spread the gospel in the largely unchurched community of Essex, Maryland. The mission trip is both challenging and life-changing. The Church of the Harbor consistently serves their neighbors through mission projects, feeding hungry and inviting people to church.

LifePark members Matt Pinto, Marianne Caldwell, Jeff Schrupp and Roanna Miller are serving on the latest mission trip.

“Getting ready to land in Baltimore I was reminded of how my life was when I lived in Ohio with all the geographic familiarity,” said Miller. “I soon was flashing back to my hometown … with views of a beautiful bridge overlooking the city on the left and the River on the right … Only God can orchestra something so familiar and different at the same time with bringing me here,” said Miller.

Baltimore is a great opportunity for LifeParkers to serve those in need. Roanna Miller said the trip began with a short tour of the local area. “I was amazed of how big the church was as we pulled into the parking lot,” she noted. “I loved how they remodeled the sanctuary, beautiful oak flooring stage with stylish chairs with beautiful different colors of blues all around on the walls.



The LifePark team spent the morning being briefed on opportunities to share the gospel with the local residents. Miller said the team was then sent out going door to door with invitations to a community barbecue.

“The area where we served I felt a very longing for communion,” she said. “People I came in contact with were lonely and wanted to just have another human being to talk with.”

In her letter to the church, Miller wrote:

As we were being Jesus hands and feet and I started feeling a presents over our location once we had returned to start knocking again after we had a break. It could have been the time of day with busy family members walking on their way to pick up their children from school (which a lot of us know how children can bring Joy to our lives) or it could have been a mixture of the holy spirit bringing inner convenience in me to share the Gospel because his strength was empowering me. I’m amazed that when you have a heart to serve you go preparing to do for others and in the midst of it he turns and does something to you as well.

For more information on our regional partnership with the Church of the Harbor, visit us at churchatlifepark.org/baltimore.

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