A wise man once told me that we are either entering a storm, in a storm or coming out of a storm.

As Christians, it is our duty to identify and meet people where they are and help when we can. If we see someone entering a storm — and it is preventable — we must not sit by and let it happen without saying something. If someone is in the storm, we must be there to listen and provide a shoulder to cry on. If they are coming out of a storm, we must rejoice and thank our Lord for helping them navigate the tough times life brings our way.

The Church at LifePark Home Furnishing Ministry meets people just starting to come out of the storm. Life often deals them a blow and they are just trying to hit the restart button. It is our goal as a ministry: To bring hope, joy — and most importantly — the love of the Lord into their lives at this precious time in their lives.

The ministry recently had the pleasure of meeting a local family who has been dealing with some huge challenges as of late.

During Hurricane Matthew a large tree fell on their house (there is a river behind the house that caused there home to flood during the storm causing catastrophic damage). After battling for months with insurance companies, this family is ready to come home. In the middle of being homeless, sleeping on a friend’s floor, the Mom was asked to gain custody of her three grandchildren.

That leads me to the joyful part of the story.

Meet Ace.

He has cerebral palsy and has been in and out of the hospital his entire young life. Ace has every reason to give up, except one: Ace’s grandmother is a strong believer in the Lord. She reads the bible to her children, she prays over them and she takes nothing for granted. All that they have gone through, they are still super optimistic and full of joy.

This family still has many obstacles ahead of them, so we ask that you pray fervently for this amazing family. Who knows, God willing, maybe one day Ace and his family will join us one day at LifePark.


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