“LifePark has helped me become a more Christ-like person. Being here has pushed me to commit more of my life to Christ and to invest more of my time in caring for others." - Caroline Beatty

We're Called & We're Needed

At LifePark, we believe that we're all servants of God who have been created, called, and saved to serve.God has given each of us skills and passions and he desires for us to use those skills and passions to bless the local church, our community and to serve the world.

Whether it's offering a warm welcome to a visitor as a part of the Host team or caring for children with Noah's Park and KidsPark, helping organize church-wide events, serving our community alongside our missions partners, taking the gospel of Jesus all over the world through our missions initiatives, or simply being a good neighbor right on your own street, we are called to serve like Jesus did for the sake of demonstrating God's unchanging love and mercy to everyone around us.

In the Church: Volunteers are an essential part of helping others meet Jesus, connect, and grow at LifePark, and we're always in need of more help, everywhere. We rely on faithful servants week in and week out to carry out the mission of The Church at LifePark!

In the World: As we serve our neighbors in love, we earn the right to share our stories, our lives, and ultimately the good news of Jesus Christ. When we serve others, we demonstrate God's love. We can live on mission in our everyday, regular lives, and when we learn to live beyond ourselves. We're all growing. Come serve with us- whether it's in your neighborhood or the far corners of the world.

"As the Father has sent Me, I also send you." - Jesus // John 20:21

Membership is not a requirement for serving with LifePark. If you desire to get more connected as well as help others get plugged in at LifePark, we encourage you to look at the opportunities listed on these pages and connect with the contacts provided.