Welcome to Noah's Park!

We are glad to share with you a little bit more about Noah's Park at the Church at LifePark. At Noah's Park, our staff and volunteers work hard to create a safe, meaningful, Christ-centered class experience. Sunday morning preschool classes are offered at 8:30, 10:00, and 11:30 and are divided into several segments.

What happens on a Sunday morning in Noah's Park

  • MAKE IT FUN is a fun and welcoming activity designed to make the children feel drawn into the classroom. It also introduces the main theme for the month.
  • MAKE IT TRUE is the Bible story and worship time. Children will hear a creative presentation of the Bible story and participate in worship, where they are encouraged to sing, dance and interact with their leaders.
  • MAKE IT STICK consists of a variety of activities that will help preschoolers apply what they have learned. These activities may be crafts, games, or even yummy snacks. Throughout this time of the lesson the Bottom Line is repeated to be sure each child knows the truth of God's love.
  • MAKE IT REAL is a time to talk about what the children have learned and what it means to their young lives. They will also pray together as we teach them what it means to talk to God.

The mission of our preschool curriculum is “To make a FIRST impression of the Heavenly Father in such a way that it makes a LASTING impression on the heart of a child". Children learn and grow more during these first five years than they ever will the rest of their lives. In the midst of that, we want to give them a foundation to who God is by instilling in them three basic truths.

God Made Me, God Loves Me, and Jesus wants to be My Forever Friend.

At Noah's Park, we believe that people are made in God's image and for His pleasure. But everybody falls short of God's intention, or ideal, for people. In other words, everyone has sinned. As a result, we are all separated from Him, even though He wants an intimate relationship with each of us. That's why Jesus, God's son, came and lived on this earth, died, and rose again. God offers His free gift of salvation to all who believe in Jesus and accept Him as Savior – the only way to be forgiven and reconciled with God. Anyone who accepts this gift is adopted as a son or daughter into God's family and will live with Him forever in heaven.

Classes and Age Groups at Noah's Park

We promote children to the next classroom in Noah's Park based on developmental levels and then based on birthdays. When babies are crawling strong, we promote them to the Crawler Class. When children begin walking strong, we promote them to the Walker Class. We feel like these developmental stages are big changes and require a different room set up for their safety and so we can cater to their specific needs. Children stay in the Walker Class and are promoted based on their birthdays to the Twos Class on Promotion Sunday. Promotion Sunday takes place in August. Promotion in August is based on their age by September 1st.

We begin promoting children according to their birthdays starting with the Twos Class. They are promoted each consecutive year with their same peer group of children. This allows us to keep children in classes with other children as close to their age and development as possible. It is much like the school classrooms where children have birthdays throughout the year and yet stay in the appropriate class.

Safety and Staff

For the safety and care of your child, we adhere to strict policies for check-in, volunteer selection and training, and environment.On your first visit to Noah's Park, we ask for parents to fill out a registration form to tell us more about your child and ensure that we have contact information.

About Our Staff

Jordan Ashley
Hello, Noah's Park Families! My name is Jordan Ashley and can I begin by saying your hard work does not go unnoticed. Can I follow that to tell you, "You're a great parent!" Thank you for entrusting your children to us and allowing Noah's Park the opportunity to serve your sweet little children! I stand speechless as I step back and see God's fingerprint so perfectly align this position in my life. After graduating from Liberty University in 2012 with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Sciences and a Minor in Biblical Studies, I tiredly pursued the corporate latter until God took hold of my heart and redirected my steps. In the winter of 2014 I moved to Gulu, Uganda and spent six months partnering with a non-profit to empower children to complete their studies and develop a life-changing relationship with God. After my time there was finished, I moved to the Lowcountry to be closer to family, and it was here I met my husband, Jonathon Ashley, a C-17 Pilot in The United States Air Force! We do not have children yet, but we have one not so little (115 lb.) golden retriever, named Moose! We love to travel, go to the beach, and are so thankful to call The Church at LifePark, our family!

Lauren Basinger
My name is Lauren Basinger. I've been married to Christopher for 12 years and have a daughter (Juliet) age 9, and a son (Brandt) age 5. We moved from Winston-Salem, NC two years ago for my husband's new job and absolutely love it here! We give God all the glory for our move! My experience includes a degree in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education. I've taught Second Grade and Kindergarten, ran an at-home daycare, and have been serving as Noah's Park Preschool Assistant since June 2015. I take caring for and teaching children seriously, and look forward to serving the little children at Noah's Park for years to come.

See you soon!

Again, we are excited to have your child join us in Noah's Park! Please feel free to contact our Preschool Ministry Director, Jordan Ashley, with any questions or concerns you may have.