At Home & Resources for Parents

While we seek to teach your children about God, we know that no one has more influence on their lives than you. We want to partner wit you to help them know more about their Heavenly Father. Listed below are a few opportunities we have created for you.
To learn the Bible story that your children heard on Sunday and to help them learn the memory verse for the month, please click on 'this month'. We will also include some fun ideas for you to do with them at home during the week to reinforce the key truth we talked about on Sunday. Every month we will update this information so that you know exactly what they are learning.
Small Talk is available for parents each month. This will tell you what your children are learning, including the key truth and bottom line for the month. It will provide you with creative ideas to help them keep learning all month. This resource will help you take advantage of teachable moments in your home and reinforce what we taught on Sunday.
You can always pick up our monthly newsletter with a copy of Small Talk for Parents attached. These are located at the Noah's Park front desk, or you can find them linked here.

You may also want the Parent Cue App from the Rethink Group for iPhone. 
You are the best teacher for your children , so use the activities to talk about God all week at home.