Parental Support

Being the parent of a middle or high school student is has high high's and low low's. Take a deep breath, because you're not in this alone. We understand the importance of helping parents connect with God and connect with their children. We believe that parents play the most vital role in the spiritual development of a teenager.

Communication and other Touch-Points:
Online Communication: We really want parents to read our emails and online posts…so we send out things that will help parents lead more effectively. We have partnered with to provide resources that are going to be helpful and encouraging. And yes, just being honest, sometimes our emails are just a list of upcoming events.

Trip ReCaps: After each student ministry trip we invite our parents to a 'recap' which is the following Sunday morning. At each recap we share details about the trip and about the worship times, relive the funny stuff, allow students and adult leaders to share and we watch a recap video.

Fall & Spring Parent Meetings: We kickoff each school semester with a parent meeting and/or training. It is good to see parents and be together in the same room. Vision Sunday is the Sunday before school starts and is held at both 10:00 or 11:30am. During Vision Sunday our Student Ministry Team shares the FirstWave Vision & Values, the year's upcoming plans, and where they sense God is leading the ministry for that year. A document called The FW is given to families and it highlights the upcoming year (find the digital version on the Resource Page). The new year and spring semester kicks off for parents with a parent seminar, typically on the second Sunday of January. Check out the Upcoming Events page for more information on this year's seminar.

Parent of Teens LifeGroups:
We are excited that this year there will be three LifeGroups just for the Parents of Teens. These groups will be built around parents growing in their faith, growing as a parent, and providing a place of support, encouragement and social connection. You know what is also really cool about these groups?! These parent groups will meet during our student ministry event nights. More information can be found in the coming weeks on the LifeGroup page or by contacting Noah Reid, our Associate Pastor of Discipleship at

Family Experiences:
We partner with Parent Ministry.Net to receive resources designed to help families engage spiritually and what you see below is SOMETHING AWESOME that we want to encourage you to check out. Imagine if each year you had one of these experiences with your children! Our desire is to equip you to pass down the faith in your home. You can find all of the instructions and resources on the link below.


Note that you do not have to keep to their format for each experience, and so you may decide to mix it up based on your child. Please check it out below!

6th Grade - Preparation for Adolescence
The 6th Grade Year is an exciting year filled with the transition from childhood to adolescence.
7th Grade - The Blessing
The 7th grade year is the "Wonder Year," where your brand new teenager begins to try on identities and discover who they are going to be.
8th Grade - Purity Weekend
The 8th grader says "goodbye" to puberty issues and "hello" to the quest for freedom from parents and "kiddie" things. Major changes occur during this year as the teen transitions into the middle of the adolescent journey. *Some parents have found it helpful to do this focus with their teen in 6th or 7th grade, we leave that decision to you.
9th Grade - Driving Contract
The 9th grade year signals the beginning of the high school experience and the last stage of the adolescent journey.
10th Grade - Money Matters
The 10th grader can drive a car, work a job, and is getting dangerously close to adulthood. *We also have the Generation Change resource from Dave Ramsey that you are welcome to barrow for further financial students with your teen.
11th Grade - Family Tree
By the time your teenager reaches the 11th grade year, they are living like a mini-adult, but they still need your guidance. This will help them understand where they came from and connects them with their family history.
12th Grade - Manhood/Womanhood Ceremony
Congratulations! You have a 12th grader! It is time to finish strong in the adolescent journey & send them off.

Praying for Parents:
Parents, we care. It is never a burden for our team to pray for you or support in other ways. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us.