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Get Plugged In with The Church at LifePark

We encourage you to check out our 'Stay in the Loop' page for information about how to make sure you're on our email list and looped into to what's happening on social media. Check out the options to the left for more information on next steps for getting plugged in.

Explore Faith In Community: Connecting with others and growing together

We weren't made to walk through life alone. We know that life change and growth happen best through relationships- so at LifePark, we're committed to helping you find a group to plug into and grow with.

At LifePark, we offer a few different options for Adults who want to connect and grow. We have a variety of lifegroups, bible studies, special interest groups, and care groups that meet on a rolling basis throughout the year. We'd love to help you find a group that fits. Check out our options for adults on our adult ministry page

Special Events and Announcements

In addition to lifegroups and bible studies, LifePark also hosts special events throughout the year that are great opportunities for meeting people and growth. Check out our events page and weekly announcements page to make sure you're not missing anything throughout the week!

“Attending LifePark has been a life-changing experience for us as a family. That growth has come, in large part, because of the real community we’ve found here.  The open arms that welcomed us from the very beginning have made it easy to go from attending Sunday services to becoming members, from being served to serving, from attending bible studies to facilitating them, and from joining a life group to leading one. However, what really makes this great community flourish is that we have pastoral leaders who give the highest priority and greatest authority to God and His Word—and not to themselves.”  - Kristy and Jeremy Ellisor