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“There isn't enough time to talk about all the great things that have happened to me since I found LifePark. I was broken and lost. I had destroyed my life; including my family, career, and friends. But the good news is that I came to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior here at LifePark. My life has been transformed and my family and faith in Christ have never been stronger. Thank you, Lifepark!" - Andrew Frank

We all have big questions and faith can be a hot topic. Most people have ideas about faith, Jesus, and what 'church' looks like. We'd love for you to 'come and see' what Jesus meant by 'life to the full' as we explore faith together at LifePark. We'll seek answers with us as we read God's Word and learn about our lives in relationship to him.

Looking for a great starting point?

Attend worship on Sundays and explore faith, prayer, worship and the study of God's Word with us. Check out our visitor's page to get the scoop on Sunday mornings at LifePark. For a closer look at worship, click here.

As a church and community of believers, we hope to serve as a catalyst and partner in helping people become fully devoted followers of Jesus- living transformed lives for the Glory of God.

Sunday Morning Worship Services
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Explore LifePark

In addition to exploring faith with us on Sunday mornings. We'd love for you to look around and then let us know if you have any questions about LifePark. We hope this website will offer a glimpse of ways to connect and get engaged at LifePark, but our staff would love to answer any additional questions you might have about LifePark.

What's next?

Sunday morning worship services stir our hearts, encourage us in faith through corporate worship, and grow our understanding of God's Word, but they don't define our personal relationship with Jesus. While Sunday mornings serve as an opportunity for exploring faith, and a catalyst for worship and growth- we want to see the people of LifePark take personal responsibility for their faith.

Our identity as followers of Jesus impacts every aspect of our lives. We need more than an hour or two on a Sunday morning to sustain our faith- so a great deal of taking responsibility for our faith means growing throughout the week. A great way to grow is to get plugged into community doing the same.

Explore Faith- In Community.

We weren't made to live life on our own. We know that life change and growth happen best through relationships- so at LifePark, we're committed to helping you find a group to plug into and grow with. Check out 'Get Plugged In' for more information.