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About LifePark

About LifePark

The Church at LifePark is located at 1151 George Browder Boulevard in Mount Pleasant, SC. Our Sunday service times are 8:30, 10:00, and 11:30 AM. In addition to worship services, we offer Sunday morning programs for infants through high school students. You can find more information about each of our program areas by clicking here.

The Church at LifePark
1151 George Browder Blvd.
Mount Pleasant, SC 29466

"The ministry of LifePark has drawn me closer to God. It has provided me with the tools I need to read, learn, and know more about how the bible teaches us to live. I also really like how our church reaches out to anyone, whatever their need, with a compassionate, loving, Christian attitude." - Karrie Holloway
At LifePark, our desire is to see the earth filled with the glory of God as men and women become more like Jesus. God's fame spreads as Christians take to the world the good news of who Jesus is, what he has done, and how we are to live. We believe that there is no corner of the earth and no aspect of our lives that is not affected and transformed by the good news of the Gospel!

Where does that start?

In a personal relationship with Jesus. In community with other believers as we walk through the realities of daily life, raising families, and learn more about knowing God and loving his Word.

“Our experiences as a family at LifePark have been nothing short of amazing. The people at this church have been there to love us, challenge us and encourage us to do more than just fill a row. It truly has been a great experience. Many people, some of whom we don't even know, gave of their time, talents and money to help us through an extremely long adoption process. The people we've had the privilege of getting to know through life groups and men's and women's Bible studies have become family to us. LifePark has really become a great place for us to both serve and be served." - Walter and Melissa Hutchins

Why Do We Exist?

We exist to connect people to God.
Worship is at the core of who we are as people, and we have all been given a desire to devote our lives to something meaningful. By knowing God personally and worshiping Him fully, we find both our meaning and our purpose.

We exist to connect people to people.
Life is best when it is lived in community and fellowship with others.

We exist to help people grow in their faith.
To be a healthy follower and disciple of Jesus, it takes spiritual growth.

We exist to serve others.
Christians are called to serve and to be a blessing to the community and the world.