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The Good News of Jesus Christ is where all of this starts. It's the very first thing that we're about at The Church at LifePark. We believe that the Gospel changes everything and has the power to transform lives. It's the foundation of our church and we'd love to share more with you about what it is and what it means for you.

About The Church at LifePark

Real life is messy and can be chaotic. In the thick of it all, most of us are looking for spiritual direction and a sense of belonging. The Church at LifePark (LifePark) is a loving, Christ-centered community that proclaims and celebrates the Gospel, grows together as we walk through real life and study the Bible, and serves the world with a desire to see lives transformed by the power of Jesus. 

“My LifePark story is simple. I came to know God here at this church.” Gabi Johnson

Our Stories

The Church at LifePark started as a seed planted in the hearts of a prayerful church and came to exist thanks to their steady faithfulness and generosity over decades. These days the story of LifePark continues to unfold on Sunday mornings and throughout the week in the lives of those who have found a home at The Church at LifePark. Our Church isn't a building- it's a living, breathing, dynamic community of authentic people. We're all living stories, bring written to display the glory of a Great Author and Creator. Check out the story of LifePark and a few more from people who have found a home at LifePark.

Staff Directory

The staff of LifePark are passionate about seeing lives transformed through meaningful relationships, authentic worship, studying God's Word, and the work of the local church by the power of Christ. We would love to connect with you. If you're looking for someone in particular or just want to see who's working behind the scenes, click on the directory below- You'll find names, contact information, pictures, and more.

FAQs about LifePark

Still have a question about LifePark after browsing our website? We'd love to answer it for you. Check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions to see if we've addressed what you're looking for. If not, we'd love to hear from you through our 'Contact Us' form!

“This church has strengthened my marriage and solidified my family as a whole. Being a part of LifePark has given me a place for my soul to call home.” - Cindy Phillips


At The Church at LifePark, we are passionate about great teams, great cultures, and a healthy balance of ministry and work being second to a vibrant, personal relationship with Jesus. If you might like to be a part of that, please check out our current openings on the team!

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