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There’s no doubt, it’s been really hard to see and hear the good this year. It’s been challenging, heavy, and tense for what seems like forever. But within this, there has been Gospel fruit because of your gifts to the Acts 1:8 Fund.

The Acts 1:8 Fund is solely funded by individual gifts made directly to by you. Every single dollar in this fund is used to help support evangelistic efforts locally, regionally, and globally. Locally, these funds are used to help support collegiate ministries and local outreach partners. Regionally, these funds are used to support church plants throughout the United States in locations like Montana, California, Pennsylvania, New York, and Maryland. Globally, these funds are used to support church planters and missionaries in Liberia, Central America, and Pakistan.

Thus far, the Church at LifePark has given $40,464.01 to support evangelism this year. Here’s what your gifts over the years have accomplished in 2020:

  1. Two new churches planted in Liberia
  2. Pastoral Care Visits to families under lockdown in New York City
  3. Outreach events in Pittsburgh that have led to several new launch team members for a church plant
  4. Two decisions of faith in Pittsburgh
  5. Additional funding to restock a local food pantry during the summer
  6. Support a church planting resident in California
  7. Pakistanis in crisis received food and water through a local church plant

All of these things would not have been possible without your generosity throughout the previous years. Your gifts have had a Kingdom Impact! God is still working through His people to reconcile the world to Himself! This is something we can all celebrate.

Pray. Give. Go.

Learn more about Evangelism and Missions at The Church at LifePark and how you can get connected and share the gospel locally, regionally or around the globe.

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